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PCT with Over The Counter Supplements?

hello everyone

I just finished my frist cycle. 300 Test. E./ 200 Deca for 10 weeks
for PCT i will probably go with nolvadex 20mg for three weeks
I have came cross supplements product that claim to be PCT design (boost test. production, block estrogen etc…). i will not put any direct link as i dont want to break local rules. anybody has experince using? in case how to use it ? instead of pct? together? after?


Anything over the counter these days is snake oil. Stick with your standard SERM PCT.


Nobody does any research before they inject things into their body and it blows my mind.


It seems the drugs/method of use to ensure recovery are an after thought in a lot of circumstances here.
I have a bottle of nolva sitting in the cupboard and ill be cruising from here. You just never know.