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PCT with Hcg, Gyno Issues

Hi all! I try to explane what is my problem maybe somebody had before same like this. So
I do my pct and i inject every other day 250iu hcg. I have problem with breast pain and water retention. I bought arimidex but first week it worked well after i dont feel nothing. I tried to use nolvadex aswell too. I have fear about this gyno shit. I took 40mg nolva and i felt terrible the next day. My muscles were not so hard and so on you know it exactly… what can you offer for me? My last hcg shot was 05.12. I was before in lab and i did blood test prolaktin and estrogen were in range.
I know my body shows fake details because of the drugs but i wanted to check it.
I heard many things about pct, everybody have other ideas and so on. I heard if you ever used roids, you will feel terrible on clomid… doctors advice hcg+ nolva together or clomid but low dose.
Hopefully somebody have idea how can i reduce it.

Welcome along.

I’m no expert myself, but what is the exact PCT you’ve done? Could you provide your dosages/meds/amounts?

For Sure.

Im 28yold now. Ive used 2years mainly like T replacement that means. 1-2x pin of sustanon 250mg every week. I was so stupid i know… Now im finished, 3months before. I did 600iu hcg eod 3x after 250iu hcg 6x with arimidex then if finished. I was 92kg before the pct after about 87-88kg so its not bad at all after two years on roids. Problem i feelt little tired, fatique and so on. So i inject again hcg 500iu 2x now i have gyno problems… now i try 2weeks on 20mg nolva or somebody have better idea i hope he well share it :slight_smile: so that was my history. So Stupid…

What i want to say i tried before pct with hpta restart that means hcg and after clomid and nolva and i felt terrible, awful, was really bad. Ive heard who have ever used roids and try pct with clomid alone it can be really bad for him…
Here is my lab before the “repinned hcg”

LH 3,66 U/l 1,24 - 8,20
FSH 5,23 U/l 1,27 - 19,26
Ösztradiol (E2) 71,9 pmol/l - 116,0
Testosteron 13,7 nmol/l 6,1 - 27,1
Free testosteron (FTI) 28,9 % 24,3 - 110,2
SHBG 47,50 nmol/l 13,30 - 89,50

Sorry, just to be clear on what you ran for PCT, was it the following?

Week 1 - 600iu HCG EOD
Week 2 - 250iu HCG EOD, arimidex
Week 3 - 250iu HCG EOD, arimidex

Is that correct? How much arimidex were you taking?

I seriously doubt such dose of HCG to cause gyno issues on its own, many people use it along t with their t protocols.

Yes, you are right! 2mg /week

I know thats why i dont understand this… its little dose but cause for me gyno. What can i do what do you think? Lower dose? I have little pain in my chest and its very sensitable. I dont open a topic for fun so pls believe me :slight_smile:

Gyno is genetic. Sometimes can be triggered by even small hormone fluctuations.
To be honest I would use nolva, because it does not crash the estrogen but blocks it only on the breast site

Thanks, i have no other idea too. I will try hopefully it will work. 20mg will be enough, wh

I see you have tried nolva and felt terrible from it. It is quite possibles, SERMs make many men feel crappy

Yes sadly but with hcg together it can be more better than alone, i have seen a video about these serms, you can check in youtube. It called anabolicsdoc. There are a lot of things, it can be very helpful. I find funny that without clomid and nolva i did better recovery with it… everybody said clomid+ nolva but i dont think so. You can try hcg + arimidex or hcg + nolva or hcg + clomid… i know hcg suspress hpta but it was more better for me… i know im still suspressed because what’ve done but far better than before with clomid and nolva. In this video doctor tell if u ever used roids clomid will fuck you…:smirk:

HCG is not a pct drug. Full stop. If you’re using it while trying to recover then you’re doing more harm than good. Want to recover? Run a real pct. Otherwise you’re going to fight this battle with e2 issues and low testosterone until you quite and recover naturally.

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Is it good for just kickstart? My last pin was last saturday i use now just 20mg tamoxifen. Im will

I wonder this low hcg made my gyno problems. Somebody use 5000iu and nothing happens😏

I take daa and tribulus, maca, multivits, extra dose D vitamin. Is it correct? Thanks for advice!

That’s not a proper SERM protocol.

Nolva 40/40/20/20 or 20/20/20/20/10/10

You need to do it right or else it’s not going to be effective, which means more time to recovery.

All those supplements you listed are generally a waste of money. Unless you have an actual deficiency you should never need a multivitamin or a D supplement. DAA may have some minor benefit to those with extremely low natural testosterone, but that doesn’t justify the cost. The money some of you people spend on supplements blows my mind. Buy more food. Or invest it in something. Stop giving it to companies that know they’re scamming you.

I will choose than option 2. Thanks for help. When ive finished i will post my labs!

Little update! I have 2 weeks more from pct. I feel okay now. I have little more fat and i lost 3kg but its not bad after one and half year.i noticed something what is very annoying for me. Well i noticed redness on my face. When i wake up my face is already red. Can tamoxifen cause redness? Or maybe my red blood cells? I dont have idea… i bought a cream called eucerin but it doesnt help. I bought green tee and grapefruit too but no effect. What do You guys think? I have always little problem with redness but not so like this…Thanks🙏

Any idea for redness? When i wake my face already hot and red… what can i do with it? Am i need to go for a blood test? Can nolvadex cause it? Its really annoying…

Could be higher RBC

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Hi Mate! I tested it, it is in range as you can see. My tsh and some thing little out of range.
Nátrium 141 mmol/L 136 - 146
Kálium 4,6 mmol/L 3,5 - 5,1
Klorid 101 mmol/L 98 - 108
C reaktív protein 1,30 mg/L 0,00 - 5,00
Kolesterin 4,80 mmol/l 2,60 - 5,20
Triglicerids 0,60 mmol/l * 0,70 - 2,25
HDL kolesterin 1,65 mmol/l 1,04 - 3,50
LDL kolesterin 2,93 mmol/L 1,10 - 3,34
TSH 4,029 mIU/l * 0,400 - 4,000
LH 7,91 U/l 1,24 - 8,20
FSH 5,91 U/l 1,27 - 19,26
Testosteron 20,7 nmol/l 6,1 - 27,1
Free testosteron (FTI) 39,5 % 24,3 - 110,2
SHBG 52,50 nmol/l 13,30 - 89,50
Whitebloodcell 5,2 G/l 4,5 - 11,5
Neutrofil granulocita # 2,54 G/l 1,80 - 7,70
Limfocita # 1,81 G/l 1,00 - 5,00
Monocita # 0,59 G/l 0,00 - 0,80
Eozinofil granulocita # 0,17 G/l 0,00 - 0,45
Bazofil granulocita # 0,04 G/l 0,00 - 0,20
Neutrofil granulocita % 49,30 % 45,00 - 70,00
Limfocita % 35,10 % 20,00 - 45,00
Monocita % 11,50 % * 0,00 - 10,00
Eozinofil granulocita % 3,30 % 0,00 - 4,00
Bazofil granulocita % 0,80 % 0,00 - 1,00
Redbloodcell 5,3 T/l 4,5 - 5,9
Hemoglobin 166 g/l 135 - 170
Hematokrit 0,47 l/l 0,41 - 0,51
MCV 89,2 fl 81,0 - 100,0
MCH 31,3 pg 26,0 - 34,0
MCHC 351 g/l 310 - 360
RDW-SD 43,3 fl 37,0 - 54,0
Gamma GT 15 U/L - 55
Össz.bilirubin 11,5 umol/L 5,0 - 21,0
Kreatin-kináz 96 U/L 39 - 171
Karbamid 7,1 mmol/L 2,8 - 7,2
Kreatinin 112,0 umol/L * 64,0 - 104,0
Ösztradiol (E2) 137,5 pmol/l * - 116,0
I took 4 pills from tamoxifen. What can i do it now? When i take 1mg anastrozole i feel horrible on the next day.joint pains, no pumps and tiredness.if my estrogen is high how long i have to take the anastrozole? Thanks
Any idea?

I still have problem with estrogen… what can i do with it? I take arimidex but after some days my estrogen always go up. What i can do with it? Can the gyno cause this or the high estrogen cause gyno? Why my estro stay high? Ive stopped with hcg for one and half month or more. Thanks