PCT with HCG Advice?

Apologies I know there are literally 1000s of threads on this topic. Unfortunately many of them conflict.

Before I did the cycle I did feel like I had done sufficient research. However in retrospect i think I could I have done more. I feel like I definitely should have had my bloods done… Which I didt…

Anyway, im about 7 weeks into my first cycle which is 2 x 250mg shots of Test E a week.

I started to notice some testicular atropy week6 which was quite disconserting… So I purchased some HCG and I’m now pinning twice a week with 250UI

So here are my first few questions:

  1. is 500UI of HCG enough to protect myself from any more atrophy?

  2. will using HCG ultimately make recovery easier?

  3. when should I stop taking HCG?

My original strategy for managing estrogen was just looking out for symptoms. Which from recent reading would appear to be very crude at the least. I have 1mg tabs of adex on hand, and started taking when my nipples getting itchy. Currently taking 1EOD

  1. I was planning on getting my Bloods checked in a week to see where my estrogen is at in about a week once the HCG does its thing. Is this the right call

  2. can I split adex tablet? So I get 0.5 doses

I have a box of nolva for PCT, Also have a box of combined Nolva/clomid.I was planning on running just the nolva 40/40/20/20

6)I read that a combined pill might bring me back faster, but the clomid element might give me mental health problems?!?! How likely is this to happen? How fast does it subside when you stop taking clomid?

Thanks in advance!

  1. Most guys run up to 1000iu in the TRT forum. That’s what I used to run. I supposed 500 is probably enough
  2. I believe so
  3. Run it up to PCT and STOP before running Nolva
  4. HCG has nothing to do with E2 management in fact it could make E2 problems worse
  5. Yes. Based on what you are saying you are taking far too much. If its just nips I would get some more Nolva and run that instead. Nolva blocks E2 in the breast tissues.
  6. No. Just run Nolva or Clomid. Not both. Clomid has more sides.

Slight atrophy is pretty normal and fine, no real need for HCG on what you’re running, IMO. Unless you’re self conscious about your slightly smaller sack for a few months.

Probably no need to get your blood drawn, your estrogen is most likely tanked and close to 0 with that dosage. WAY too much. Just itchy nipples is “normal”. Mine itch from weeks 3-5 roughly then sort themselves out. Nolvadex can also prevent gyno without the possible negative stuff that adex does like tank your estrogen.

If and when an AI is needed, starting at .25mg 2x a week is plenty to start. You can go up from there if nothing gets better, however, itchy nips alone is not a reason to risk screwing up your estrogen.

I get a slightly shriveled sack during cycle, then once recovered, they’re plump as ever and good to go.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply

What dosage of Nolva would you recommend to block gyno while on cycle?

Does HCG help with recovery at all?

HCG should help. Run low during cycle, then after your last pin start taking 500 iu EOD. Stop the HCG a couple days before PCT.

From what I’ve read it’s 10mg/ed but verify that