Pct with Anavar

Finished a 15 week test/eq cycle on 4/16. Did 500mg test cyp weeks 1-15 and 600mg eq weeks 1-11. Began pct on 4/23 which includes hcg at 500 iu twice a week, 30 mg clomid ed, 40 mg nolvadex ed for first 2 weeks then 20mg ed for remainder, 20 mg anavar ed…that’s where my question should start-is my pct aggressive enough to offset suppression of anavar at that dose?

I have kept 100% of strength and lost 1lb so far (17 days after last pin). Gained strength a bit on today’s shoulders and tricep workout-felt like my joints weren’t so beat up like I thought they were. Also taking d aspartic acid, zma, melatonin, beta alanine, creatine, hmb and desiccated liver tabs along with eating like a champ still even though my appetite has really left in the past few days. Any advice or opinions are appreciated

If you’re taking 20mg or any amount of Anavar you’ll still keep your natural test levels suppressed.

I don’t know if this is right but from what I have read suppression is not a yes or no thing. It’s not that youre supressed or not, it’s that your production is reduced a %. What I’m wanting to know is if let’s say I was 90% supressed at the end of my cycle can I come back to say 20% suppression while still taking anavar or is anavar so detrimental to the recovery of my Hpta that once I’ve concluded my pct and anavar I’m basically no better off than If I had no pct at all. Seems like that wouldn’t be true

you shouldn’t be running hcg during your PCT. It is suppressive. Silly boy.

and adding anavar to your PCT is even sillier.

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