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PCT: Which Is Better?


We all know that a cycle is only as good as the PCT that is involved, but how do we know which PCT to take. I am curious to hear what PCT you guys use and for how long. I personally like Novaldex, Androgel and TRIBEX. The Novaldex takes away some of my water gains, but makes my hormones stay in constant harmony. I like the Androgel because it is fast acting and the TRIBEX gives my testes the signal to produce my LH and GNRH to kick up my natural test production. What go you guys like??


Since I have all the kids I want, TRIBEX is irrelevant for me. Since I don't have all the muscle I want, Test is. I boost my shots in between shoot days with either androgel or testim. Both INCREASE test production slightly evening oiut the intensity of a shot. HOWEVER, since both aromatize (slightly, especially when added to TEST shots) I NEED my Nolva; also cuz I water retyain more than normal. Correct me if your understanding of Androgel is different...


The Androdel im talking about is the gel you get from an endocrinologist that you rub on acting as a transdermal.