PCT: Wait 2 Weeks or Longer?

Listened to an interview with Greg Doucette (sp) on youtube where he said the 2 week rule of thumb is stupid, that you need to start PCT when you know your test hit 0.

What do you guys feel about that? Is the 2 week thing just a guidance or does everyone here jump on PCT right at 2 weeks after last pinning?

Ive said it time and time again but everyone here is still regurgitating the 2 weeks PCT bullshit.

2 weeks after your last enanthate shot you will still have supraphysiological levels of whatever hormone the enanthate ester was attached to. Most people think 2 week half life means 2 week clearance time. NO.

What most fail to take into account is the build up of drug in the system over the 10 or more weeks you’ve been injecting.

I would do 4 weeks past last enanthate shot and 3 weeks past the last propionate shot and start PCT. Ive known this for years and its what i would do, if I did a PCT.



So you do’t do PCT at all? I’m leaning towards waiting more than 2 weeks and then doing bloods to show my test at 0 before starting PCT.

Anyone that is on TRT does not need to run PCT. Just jump back to their TRT dose.

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right, I’m saying people that aren’t on TRT


what do you feel about people talking arimidex leading up to their PCT?

If I was taking arimidex during my cycle, I would gradually taper off it alongside any aromatising steroids clearIng my system.

For example, if I had been taking 0.25mg eod alongside 500mg Test E, I would start tapering off 1 week after my last shot and be off completely ideally a week or so before my PCT starts. @greenboy



What are some of the physical and mental signs that you’re approaching 0 test in your system prior to PCT?

Will you KNOW you are there or getting there? or only bloodwork can tell you?

As I understand it once the synthetic Testosterone levels, and that means the Testosterone released from the ester, are below natural levels then PCT and the drugs we use can start the recovery process.

Typically we say the enanthate half life is 7 days give or take depending on circumstances and various sources. So to keep this simple we will say we are taking 500mgs every Monday and we only inject for three weeks. At the beginning of week four the first shot should be through three half lives so 500/2 = 250/2 = 125/2=62.5 mgs
Second weeks shot will be through 2 half lives or 500/2= 250/2= 125 mgs
And the third weeks shot will be through one half life or 500/2=250mgs
So at the beginning of week four we have 62.5+125+250= 437.5 mgs. At the beginning of week five we have 437.5/2= 218.75 mgs and at the beginning of of week six (where we would traditionally start PCT) we have 218.75/2=109.375mgs.
That 109.375mgs is still attached to the enanthate ester only after our liver breaks off the ester can the body recognize and then use the Testosterone. Now obviously if we were running traditional length cycle we would have a bigger build up at the end of the cycle. Now even though this is not how it works we would have to have about 100mgs of test enanthate per week digested by our livers and then free in the blood stream to be at what would be around the high end of natural levels (remember these mgs still weigh the ester weight). In the example for us to have had enough of a build up of Testosterone enanthate that by the beginning of week six we were going to be able to digest around 100mgs that week, week 6, then at the beginning of week four we would have had to have had over 800mgs built up.
Remember the built up testosterone enanthate doesn’t mean that there is that many mgs of test floating around. Our bodies have to digest that ester for the test to be free and able to do anything.

I am not a doctor but as I have understood it as long as the levels of synthetic testosterone being released from the ester per day is below natural production levels then our bodies do recognize a low test level and can send the signals to produce and release natural Testosterone. So if the amount of Testosterone enanthate being released from the ester is below the 7-10mgs (when adjusted for ester weight this is around 5-7 mgs of raw test) level then the SERM drugs can be effective in helping to kick start the HPTA loop.

Those built up mgs numbers can be deceiving because even though you do have 400mgs built up none of those mgs can do anything or even be recognized by your body until the liver breaks down the ester.

Please keep in mind I made this example and these numbers very simple. The enanthate esters half life is not linear so in week five when the amount went from about 218 to 109 chances are by the middle of that week the amount of test enanthate being released per day would probably be below natural levels.

Roidcalc.com is a great half-life calculator, and I used it for years, if you can find it. I used it against the blood tests I was having and it was always right. As far as PCT goes, if you plan on using HCG, there is no reason to wait until your steroid cycle is over. Unless you like shriveled painful testicles…