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PCT vs. Cruising Once You're 50?


I've just hit week 12 of a very mild cycle 270 mg/week Supertest for 12 weeks + 5 weeks of TBol 60mg/day at the beginning of the cycle.

Next month, I'll be 50 and I guess I'm tempted at this point to cruise with 100 mg/week Test cyp for the long term. My test levels are chronically low. They were at about 320 before I did my first cycle at the age of 44. 6 month ago, after not having done any aas for almost a year, my levels were 270. I noz live in Switzerland, and stupidly enough, the acceptable range is even lower than in the US, so 270 is still "in range" here. As you can imagine, I was suffering all the symptoms of low test - low libido, no morning wood, belly fat, and a general blah feeling even though my workouts were still productive.

Anyway, one one hand, I realize the consequences of deciding to cruise for along time, if not for the rest of my life. On the other hand, I doubt I'll get my test levels up to where I want them to be no matter what.

I don't know if there are any older folks here that can give me some insights. If so I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Stats: 6'1" 205 lbs 12-14% bf Almost 50 years old
Bench: 265 x 5, Squat 285 x 5, OHP 155 x 5
Cycles: 6 - Never over 450 test + 400 Deca.


do you know your natural t levels? You're 50 so im assuming they aren't stellar but they could be, ya never know. If I were you I'd consider getting on TRT.


well, if your t levels are between 270-320 most of the time, then you should realistically looking at TRT already. plus, at 50 YO, it's not like you're a teenager and having low test is some weird medical issue...

you would prolly do fine on TRT (or self-administered TRT)... you might need to look into the best AI to run as well, and if you wanna use HCG or if it's not worth your time. i believe 100 mg test e/cyp is a pretty common TRT dosage, too.

it might be worth your time to ask this question over in the T Replacement forum.... some of those guys are amazingly knowledgeable about this stuff.