PCT / TRT Protocol?


My TRT protocol will be one hundred twenty five mg test-e every 4 weeks for 2 months, followed by another blood panel to determine whether that dosage is sufficient enough or if it should be doubled (unsure if dose increased or time between dosing is reduced).

  • First shot today, two weeks into HDrol cycle
  • Next shot one week prior to coming off cycle

Will another one hundred twenty five mg be enough to keep gains after 2 weeks in?

Do I need to bother with Nolva coming off as I’ll have some test in me?


Anybody? Please?

Thanks in advance

Edit: also, is it normal to get this “test flu” the day after or did I just get sick? I am running a fever.

Your post is extremely confusing. Is this self administered TRT? If it’s from a doctor, why on earth would you be taking other anabolics right now? If it’s self administered, why would you do such infrequent injections? Only doing it for two months is not TRT. It’s a cycle, and a really dumb one at that.

What are you trying to accomplish here? You created lots of unanswered questions you need to address before you are likely to get a useful response.

I came in at ninety on my testosterone the first time at 29 y/o, feeling a low mood. Priorto that, I was a 290 at 24 y /o, so I suspected T was low, but not as low as it was. He said wait 2 months and retest. That, I did. I was a week into my cycle of HDrol and got a 65; admittingly, probably a little suppressed, but same mannerism the entire wait period.

He checked my testicles and arranged for an MRI for what could be a pituitary tumor.

Afterwhich, I got a shot of one hundred twenty five mg and told that I’ll get another one in a month.

My problem is, I’ll be suppressed at the end of this cycle. No doubt about it. However, my goal is TRT.

29, two kids, don’t want more. Willing to go for life if my quality of life improves, and of course, I can get gains besides what was achievable with periods of pristine dieting and even using personal trainers.

Tldr: I’m dumb, I know. Do I need to use Nolvadex or will one shot, if I can’t convince him not to follow this idiotic protocol, suffice to keep gyno away; I’m fine with lifelong TRT and AAS / PH cycles if I need a boost from it.

Ok this I can work with. You shouldn’t rely on Nolva to keep gyno away. Better to use an AI to keep estrogen levels down in the first place. But at this dose you probably don’t need either. Ideally TRT is 100mg a week, and should be split into twice weekly injections of test cypionate or enanthate.

Nolva while you’re on test still is pretty pointless from a PCT perspective.

Complain to your doctor that the shot makes you feel better for close to a week but then you start feeling like shit again. I’m guessing this is probably what’s going to happen anyway. You need to convince him that you need at least 100mg/wk if you want to see significant quality of life improvement. Otherwise find another doctor.

Thanks. Unfortunately, finding another doc isn’t really an option as there’s a language barrier. I just hope that he’s more compassionate after he came off very progressive as to saying he will help if low T is an issue, come to find out I needed to be eighty to qualify.

At any rate, if this is a protocol, will I rebound at the end of my hdrol cycle and get gyno? Will I then use Nolva or Adex to keep it at bay as I plan on continuing treatment, just don’t want breasts and moon swings as experienced my first day off hdrol to test blood (as I thought it might pop).

Ok, update:

The doc was very open to suggestions and my TRT protocol is now one hundred twenty five mg test e per week and halotestin (oral) as needed.

Can I come off hdrol without estrogen rebound and no PCT? Will I keep gains?