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PCT Troubles in Australia


Training for 9 yrs

Doing my first cycle. 2 weeks in
Wk 1-10 Test enth - 500
Wk 1-6 Deca - 300

Hey. Having some trouble with pct in Australia. Due to our strict customs it's really hard to get anything through the gates when ordered online. Practically every person i have spoke to here dosnt really do anything pct wise. Now everything i have read and all the articles on here, everybody says a cycle without pct can do more damage then good. I Was planning to just Use a taper method like furious George outlined. My other option is that in 8 weeks I am going to Thailand for 2weeks. Maybe I can sort something out there.

I am entirely braced for people to tell me that I'm a dumbass for not sorting something out earlier and that I shouldn't of even bothered cycling at all. Just need some advice.


Taper is a viable option. What about research chems, can those make it through? They're not illegal here since they're not for human consumption. Don't know the laws in AU. Either way, do something rather than just letting yourself crash and slowly recover. You will lose much of your gains and feel like crap.


If you think Aussies typically don't do PCTs, then you've been asking retards.

Tamoxifen citrate is a S4 medication and not prohibited for import. You can order a 3 months supply from online, offshore pharmacies (do a google search for once that doesn't require a prescription, there are thousands of htem) and customs will not touch it.

Clomiphene may however get stopped by customs. So your choice is easy.
Ebay or oztion (google oztion aka quicksales) and type in PCT, then private message the supplier to see if they have any.
You aught to have worked this sort of shit out before you took the plunge.


Thanks for the responses. As I said was just going to taper off for this cycle but was interested in looking into other options for future references. Any other advice would be great


Taper or not, you will want a SERM.
Also, you're a moron for thinking you don't need one.


You don't fully understand what you are talking about, but I'm sure it feels good to go along with the crowd. If you would like to educate yourself, read the Stasis stickey..