PCT: Torem/Clomid, Torem/Nolva, Torem Only?

So I it’s PCT time. Been 16 days since last pin. Cylce was TE only at 500mg/wk, with HCG at 200iu EOD for the last four weeks.

Been on Aromasin and Ralox entire cycle (gyno protection)

I have all of the following products ready to deploy for PCT, but not firm on which to use, exept that I’m sure I do want Torem to be part of it this time. I’ve heard excellent things about it both as stand alone and part of PCT stack.

Most common opinions seem to be Torem + Clomid, or Torem only. However those that did post about Torem + Nolva said it is the best thing since sliced bread.

I’ve never tried Clomid and am scared of the sides. In the past I’ve done Nolva only PCT but didn’t really fell like it was the best.

What of the three below do you guys think will be the better PCT for quick restoration, and minimal gains loss…

Tore alone

Also Aromasin at low dose will stay in the mix to prevent rebound.

Thanks for advice.

I’m curious about this as well.