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PCT Timing

hi all not sure if i just missed where there was an intro thread on this site but i’ve always leaned towards the knowledge provided here over other popular forum sites. im 5’10" anywhere from 220 to 240 depending on when you ask :smiley: and have completed 4 oral cycles 3 of forged black extreme and one of trenavar/methylstenbolone/max lmg and those things are fucking my liver up i can tell by how i felt on last cycle. also hate back and leg pumps.

thinking of trenavar with an inj test prop or enanth just looking for feedback on post cycling timing. at what level of mg of active test from ur dosing is it primetime to begin pct? ive done the math and know what mgs of test would be in my system from legit prop or enanth and seems like a long time before u could pct off enanth especially if using GnRH which u should be totally shut down for imo. any info would be greatly appreciated and nice to meet you all!