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PCT Timing for Prop?

Standard PCT is 2 weeks after last shot and I’ve heard 3 is probably better. What about for Prop? Since its half life is much shorter than C or E would pct start sooner? I believe 4 half lives make it undetectable in your body for anabolic tests. Is there a similar half life philosophy for PCT?

PCT is completely dependant on what you are using. There are plenty of tables available online…propy normally 2/3 days after last jab and unless its been a heavy course just use Nolva for 2/3wks too many lads smashing the HCG now when not needed :+1:t2:

Yes the timing is much shorter for test propionate. Usually 2-3 days after you stop injecting.

To be absolutely clear your PCT timing is dictated by the LONGEST ester used in a cycle. If you have a mix of enanthate, acetate and phenylpropionate and you stop pinning all of them together then your timing is dictated by the enanthate ester. In the same example if you stop pinning the enanthate a month before the other two then stop those two together your timing is dictated by the phenylpropionate esters half life, so about a week. If you have deca, test prop and winstrol in a cycle and you stop the deca but continue the other two another week your timing would be three weeks after you stopped the deca and two weeks after the other two. If you had deca and prop then stopped the deca and continued the prop for another three weeks then you would be past Deca’s half life and timing would be dictated by the last shot of prop.

Hopefully I made those example understandable. If can be tricky to understand at first. I suggest you find a list of esters half lives for reference when you need to figure out your timing. If you are unsure just ask here. A few guys might flame you but as long as you make it clear in your question that you have done your homework and you are just wanting to get others opinions on your conclusion then most of the knowledgeable guys here will be cool and answer without to much bs.

Agree with no HCG and just Nolva. Thank you.

Thank you for the information. I have all my PCT figured out and on hand, just got confused on the timing. 2-3 days :+1:t2: