PCT Timetable Estimation

Ran 500mg test E for just shy of 4 months. Front loaded the first couple shots. Pinned Mon and Thurs usually post workout. Ran HCG for a few sporatic months and Armidiex (1g per week) last 3 months.

Last injection was June 2nd in the afternoon. I took 2 grams of Arimidex since then.

I thought that in 10 days it would be out of my system and I would start Nolva tomorrow.

buuuuut my test came back with a 1330 (range 262-1593 for males 20-50)

So how many days should I wait before starting Nolva? or the Test is out of my system?

normally the suggestion is to wait 2 weeks after your last injection to start PCT…

but that doesn’t mean the test is completely out of your system. the half-life of test e/cyp is around 5 days, so if you injected 250 mg on your last injection, it would be 125, 62.5, etc… as would the previous injections, as well.

if you really wanna fingure out the half-life time table, then i’d suggest using an Excel spreadsheet… otherwise, i’d just wait 2 weeks after your last injection of test e/cyp (and 3 weeks if it’s sustanon).