PCT & Time OFF


Kinda stupid question but does PCT count as time off AAS?

I understand that time on should = time off but my PCT normally lasts about as long as my time on (5-8 wks) so does that mean on completion of my PCT I can get back on again?

Thanks for any input.


yes it counts, as long as you are not bridging.

Why come off?

Yes it counts. PCT drugs like Clomid and Nolvadex are NOT hormones, like testosterone. As long as you are not “messing” with blood levels and hormonal balance, PCT drug time WILL count towards your “off time”. Good question Patch. Good luck.

Thanks for the input gentlemen!

JA - why come off? Some times it would be soooo easy to stay on like FOREVER! Never have to worry about loosing gains (and I am bald as a coot so no problem there). I guess I am just a) worried about my long term health and b) have always read that it’s best to cycle.

Anyone stay on full time no breaks style? Be interested to know how you manage it health wise.