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PCT Time Frames


Hey All,

I bumped into an old client tonight who was in town from up country and got talking to me about his low test levels, and how he may go in for TRT to sort it and if I knew anything about it. I have a few clients on TRT and even myself starting on that road now, but I don't know a great deal.

Anyway, the story goes on that about 6 months back his trainer in Joburg got him to try his first cycle, got 3/4 through then had to fly back to the US for family issues, needless to say he didn't continue the full course and never did any form of PCT other than milk thistle!!! Apparently his trainer said that 6 weeks of VAR wouldn't shut him down at all and he wouldnt need it.

I realise VAR isn't the harshest of steroids from what I've read, but this seems to me like pretty stupid advise.

He was running VAR for 6 weeks solid at 80mg a day, I've told him I'll ask on here for him....
is it too late for him to do PCT?
if not too late - what's his best option?
will PCT help bring test levels back up again to potentially what he was naturally like before?

Despite his idiocy in this, he's a good guy who unfortunately got sold a bum deal and shouldnt of taken things so lightly - any advise would be appreciated as always.