PCT Therapy

I have researched several cases of individuals not doing PCT after a cycle. Although my case is different because I took legal supplements like T-Bomb II, “ON” Cycle, and DHEA, I still have experienced the low sex-drive, shrunken testicles, and hair loss like most.

Can someone please suggest a PCT for me including the doseages and supplemnents and for how long? I’ve seen clomid and tren and novladex but I just don’t know what to mix, how much, and how long to take them and when to taper off of them.

Thanks guys!!!

Interesting, where did you find tren as a drug to use in PCT? Read the Steroid Newbie Thread at the top of this forum. Bill Roberts actually maps out a PCT protocol for you. Or read Prisoner-22s test taper thread for an alternative to conventional PCT.

PCT = Post Cycle Therapy

You did no cycle, so why would you want therapy? Sounds like your problems have nothing to do with the stuff you took, but rather an underlying issue that you’d best get checked out instead.

[quote]Contrl wrote:
PCT = Post Cycle Therapy

Maybe hes actually referring to seeing a head doc about his mental ails during PCT?