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PCT? Sus250 From Doctor In US

Hello everyone, Im new to this site but not to lifting. However, I am pretty new to the gear although I have done 3 cycles in the past year and a half. This past time I choose to take a 8 week of just Sus250 which came from a US lab and was administerd to a friend as a prescription. It was really good but I have one problem. I was told by the friend that clomid would be given to me before the end of my 8 weeks and to take 2 weeks after my last pin. He couldn’t get it or whatever the case was, but now im kinda sketchin. I just took my last cc and no clomid to follow. Should I be worried? or will the kids return to normal, just at a longer rate of time? your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


you will be fine, so how were your results from the sus 250 once a week? weight gain? bf lost? Im interested. also the vial you got would’nt let you go 10 weeks?

Ya, there was 10cc’s in the vial but I did 1 and a half cc’s a few times during the middle weeks. I only gained 10 pounds but im a pretty lean guy. I’m currently 5’6 165 and at 9%. My bodyfat was reduced from 12% to 9% but I think it was more from my change in diet than the test. My strength went up but nothing like the sus/eq combo I went with last time. Acne was minimal just a few minor spots on my shoulder/trap area.