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PCT+ Surgery HELP!


Okay so i just found out I need to get minor surgery on my knee (2nd time this year). I will need to go under anesthesia for 25 min or so...

I and currently ending week 4 of a 5 week Anavar only cycle 70mg/day...I was going to start PCT right after I run out of pills which will be the end of week 5...

I am going to take liquidex 40/20/20/10

My surgery is def going to be during one of my PCT weeks.

- IS liquid tamox and anesthesia a big no no...
- How long after I stop taking Var is it going to be safe to go under anesthsia
- When would be the "best" possible scenario for me scheduling surgery with my current situation

Any help would be appreciated thnx


Talk to your doctor/surgeon, could be really bad if something went wrong and nobody knew what drugs were in your system


first off. liqudex is NOT tamoxifen, typically. In almost all cases Ive seen it is liquid arimidex. If yours is actually tamoxifen then ignore this.

As far as the anethesia goes, Im not qualified to give medical advice. But you will get blood drawn and they will see whether things are normal or good enough to do the sedation safely. Off the top of my head the blood pressure issue is probably one of the more important things that will be affected. Red blood cell count will affect blood pressure and all that. This is something you should talk to a doctor about, not recreational drug users.


Bonez: You called me out on this once before, I have liquid tamox. Idk why I always wind up typing liquidex. My apologies. I realize if I want informative responses, I need to actually gather my thoughts and put the correct information in my posts..I as well as many other appreciate your insight, and can see how it must becomes frustrating sorting out nonsense.

Having said that:
I think my best option at this point would be to schedule my surgery 2 or 3 weeks after PCT. The surgery is not urgent and I'm sure I can just tell them I have a project at work and I can take off till mid may...Given your info on possible blood pressure issues, and me not really wanting to get into it with the doctor.. I would rather just hold off.....

I just want to make sure I wait long enough for the tamox to have cleared my system after PCT..

-How long does Tamox remain in your system after last doseage? Would 2 weeks after PCT be sufficient?

thanks again...