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PCT Supply-Importing/Local Procurement.

I am interested in starting a cycle, however am having trouble obtaining Clomid, HCG, or even Nolvadex (As a precautionary during the cycle) I’m aware you can order it online, etc. but the problem i’m facing is importing it into Australia. All these companies that supply without a prescription are great, but i am under the impression that customs will not allow it into Australia without a copy of the prescription with the package. Any suggestions or solutions? My other option is obtaining it locally, however i’m not in the know with any doctors, and am not confident in being able to lower my testosterone dramatically enough to obtain it with a prescription.
The good friend of mine who is getting the steroids for me is getting them off his friend. I asked my mate about PCT and he said he can’t get any of this. My mind boggles at this idea, because without them, you’re pretty much wasting your time.
Any ideas on how I can obtain these items?


Anyone, anyone at all?
This’s a crucial subject for me. Anyone got any info/advice?

Bump if you got my PM.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
How thorough are the customs there and what are the laws regarding posession/import of ancillaries? I wouldn’t have thought that it would be illegal to import these things, besides, most internet companies would just put the items in a envelope without writing down the contents. Either that or they would make something up for the customs docket…


Pretty thorough. Any prescription medicines require a copy of the prescription attached to them. So despite the fact thats it’s not an anabolic substance, it’ll be confiscated if found without all required documentation. Because it’s not a prohited inport I won’t get in any real trouble for importing it if it gets picked up.