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PCT supplements

If neither covert to estrogen, will I still need some kind of PCT? I don’t have access to any prescription anti-e’s, but I think I’m going to stack 6oxo and Tribex in my off weeks to be safe. If anything I’m hoping it will help maintain my gains in between on weeks.

Which drugs are you using? Even if the drugs you are using do not aromatize, you are likely still causing suppression of your natural test production. If you dont have access to either clomid or nolvadex, M and/or tribex should help you maintain gains during your off weeks. However, 700 is a fairly hefty dose. Unless the drugs you are using have barely any affinity for the AR, you are likely putting yourself into suppression. Depending on the half life of the compound, you may still be “on” during your off weeks even though you havent injected in some time. You would likely get more satisfying results from a more traditionally structured cycle (again, this depends on what drugs you are using and how your current cycle is structured).