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PCT Start Time? Test Blend With Undecanoate Ester


Hi! Sorry for the long first post, but I figure I would provide you guys with as much info as possible so you can give me advice on PCT regarding this blend I’ve been taking.

This was my first and only cycle, using a Test 400 blend:

Each ml contains:
Enanthate 150 mg
Cypionate 150 mg
Undecanoate 100 mg

Week 1-4: 1cc of Test400 once a week, and 60mg of anavar everyday.
Week 5: 1cc of Test400 once a week, and 40mg of anavar everyday.
Week 6-7: 1cc of Test400 once a week.

29, male, 5 foot 8. Been lifting natty for around 10 years.
Pre-cycle: 185 lbs, around 10-13% BF.
Post-cycle: 195 lbs, around 10-15% BF
A week after last injection: back down to around 180 lbs, but noticeably leaner than pre-cycle.

I gained 10 lbs (mostly water probably), which I have lost a week after my last injection, though my muscular gains are still there (for now).

After 7 injections, I’ve decided to stop the cycle and go back to natty:
This is because 2-3 days after my 7th injection, I experienced a fever, erectile dysfunction, and some mood issues among some other things. This lasted a couple of days and I haven’t experienced anything since. This freaked me out enough to wanna go back to natty, and now I’m ready to start PCT and never do another cycle again.

It’s now been 23 days after my last injection and I still haven’t felt a crash or anything like that yet. I thought I was supposed to feel like crap leading up to PCT? Does this sort of blend have a self-tapering effect due to the different half-lives of the esters?

I don’t wanna risk starting PCT too soon when I still have synthetic test in me above normal levels. I’m assuming not enough of the undecanoate ester has cleared my system yet, which is why I still feel ok?

I’ve searched for the half-life of undecanoate and I’m getting results that suggest the half life is anywhere from 21-34 days to several months! I wish I would’ve done more research on these esters before beginning my cycle; apparently undecanoate is used as TRT and injections are given 4 times a year. That would mean it has a half life of 3 months? That’s a shit load of time to wait before PCT. Maybe 100mg of this ester in my blend = shorter half-life?

Most of the recommendations I have found on this ester suggest starting PCT 3-4 weeks after last injection. I’m sure by now the test E and C are gone, which leaves me with 100 mg of Undecanoate swimming around my system. Is that how it works? Should I wait until I start feeling like crap before starting PCT? Or should I play it safe by starting early and extending PCT?

Libido is still good, though I don’t think it’s as high as it was pre-cycle.
I still have a lot of motivation to train. Still training hard. Still making PR’s.
During my cycle, I experienced morning wood a few times, but now I no longer have morning wood, but I can still get it up and have sex with my girlfriend (for now lol). I think my balls have gotten a bit smaller. I can’t really tell.

I was thinking of doing the following for PCT starting this week.

Nolva: 20/20/20/20/20
Clomid: 25/25/25/25/25

I’ve decided on 5 weeks rather than the typical 4 weeks just to be safe due to the longer ester.

I’m also thinking of supplementing this with Alpha Male and Horny Goat Weed for good measure.

I’m supplementing with zinc, vit c, d, fish oil, and just started using Animal Pak and Animal M-Stak.
I’m also taking LiverCare, NAC and TUDCA to protect my liver from the potential effects of the anavar I took.

I have no HCG or AI on hand, though I believe I may be able to acquire them if necessary.

What do you think? Should I start PCT this week? Or wait? If so, how much longer should I wait?

This longer ester (undecanoate) is frustrating me because I can’t find consistent information on it’s half-life and PCT start time lol

Sorry if I sound stupid and confused in this post. Just comes to show how unready I was to cycle, which is why I’m ready to PCT now and remain natty from now on lol

Anybody have experience with this blend?

Any advice would be much appreciated.



just get blood work done over time man and take it from there. Im not huge expert but it’ll work