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PCT Source?


Just looking for someone to PM a source to me for some Tamoxifen or Chlomiphene..


Has anyone answered you yet?


No one has answered me yet...


Has anyone answered you yet?




If you want to pay about 3 times retail for a fancy link to Pub Med then go to:


There is another one out there, but I won't even speak its name. The first two will have what yo need at a very decent price


Sorry, bro. I ask if anyone has helped you out and I forget to check back with you. Those links are good ones. AG-guys is expensive, but receive good reviews. Hope you find what you need.


What kind of reviews are AG recieving that would justify the prices they are charging? I know how much it costs to make the chems. And I know how badly unsuspecting saps are getting screwed by AG.


thank you rainjack,
Now these are the sources I've been looking for. Someone refering a fellow bodybuilder to a place like A-G guys is much like telling somone who wants a fat burner or probein powder about DISALLOWED when in fact there are many other brands way cheaper. The way I see it DISALLOWED the supplement version of A-G guys. Only uninformed newbies buy from them, then they get better sources and move on to something better.

             thanks bro,
                        tin can


It is funny, just on my own lookings I think I have seen it "retail" at around 30 dollars a bottle, I don't recall as to how they were dosed though... or quantity


Same as the 60 dollar bottles at AG.


Thank you to the people who did respond


De nada, amigo!


I'm just wondering if there's a difference in dosage of tablets to liquid versions.I've only always used tabs but now looking into liquids now cause of price difference from where i get the orals.

Plus any real tested first hand knowledge if anyone's used these how does it compare to orals,meaning effectiveness? Any info would be much appreciated.


I use AG-Guys, personally.


We know - and how much is AG paying you to schill for them? Just curious.

Are you making as much off them as you did schilling for Lion?


I don't get paid for saying anything about anyone. I use AG currently because that's what I have and whom I work with, and I'd use Lion if I had some on hand or he sent me some....I work for/with Lion as well as Ag-guys, you know....

I work with a lot of companies, and Lion and AG are just two of them. Both of their products work, but I ran out of Lion's (haven't asked for more) and have a ton of AG's on Hand.

What's wrong with that? I don't get paid for doing anything other than writing. Both Lion and AG support and carry my book, however, and both have great products.

I happen to use AG's. Sorry if this offends you.


So you aren't exactly paying for your chems, then. You will use Lion, or AG if they 'send' you some. Sounds a lot like schilling to me.

Once again - paying for them or given to you? You have yet to admit to paying for anything you recommend.

Nothing's wrong with that. I think it is wrong, however, to pimp a product you get for free, and try to pass it off as being objective, or unsolicited, in your opinion.

There are many things about you that offend me. What brand of research chems you supposedly use when you are supposedly on cycle, or supposedly on PCT are not among them.

You happen to use Lion's, as well. I think that speaks volumes about your opinion wrt research chems.


I don't pay for anything though...I mean...I could get any brand on the 'net for free, more likely than not. Just because I get it for free and think it's good...doesn't make my opinion less valid. If you got a fererri for free would it make your opinion that it's a fast car worthless...?

I was simply stating my reccomendations and what I would and do use regarding PCT type drugs, in this case.

And I guess, if my opinions or work offend you then thats just how it's going to be. I can't please everyone, and I suppose I'll have to chalk up my interactions with you in the category of not having pleased someone.


Hey, fellows, besides what's going on behind the scenes and who's paying who for whatsoever... Does anyone really know which company really has the best bang per buck. Cause you know money talks in the real world. I mean I'm looking at one company selling the same exact thing for double the price of the other one. Anyone know why? Does the more expensive one have or do something the other one don't.I just don't see the justification.


There is little difference in most of them. Lion uses flavored suspensions. IBE uses unflavored solutions. The big difference is taste, and price.

There have been some reports circling around the lion empire that his dosages are hit and miss. And another huge documented story about his IGF product being full of BSA (Bovine Serum Albumin). His rep is cratering, and I wouldn't touch his stuff now with a ten foot pole.