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PCT Restart and Still ED

Hi Everyone,

I just describe my story in short and truly ask you for advice.

I used to take Undestor (Andriol) 2 caps per day for quite long time - 1,5 year. My doc told me that it would not harm me because the dose was pretty low and it was just a kind of a "supplement’

However when I quit undestor i started to have a lot of problems with my sex drive and erection. So after 3 or 4 months I went to doc (endo) and asked for help. My blood test was fine and he told me that I could not have been shut down because the dose was small and the tests were ok. Anyway I could not get an erection and then he prescribed me some vitamines , zinc magnesium and so on for 3 months. It did not help of course .

Next he gave me nolvadex and told me to take for 3 months and during taking nolva I did blood tests which were very good. I was taking nolva for about 6-7 weeks and due to bad mood I quited this earlier. After that I still felt shut down . I needed to take viagra 100 mg to have sex. Lower doses did not work .

So i asked him for hcg and I pinned about 8000 iu for 2 weeks and half and then I took nolva 20 mg (first two days 30mg) for three weeks only.

I finished this pct 1,5 month before . Now i feel much better - have a good libido but I have still ED and need viagra for help.

What should I do now ?

  1. Wait 1 month or two months more and see the situation
  2. Do another pct - clomid and nolva for 4-6 weeks (I think hcg is unnecessary now)

Please, help me with this situation which lasts over 1 year now

this should be moved to t-replacement section,

there is not enough information in here we need your lab results.

andriol is 40mg cap each i know its not effective treatment(bioavailability) but i dont know how it will relate to your blood level but anyway the body produce about 5-10mg testosterone a day, so it not really a low dose as your doctor says unless we can see your lab work to deiced and it did probably shut you down and left you with high estrogen.

the dosage for nolva is 20eod or 10ed anything more will only increase estrogen and wont help you with the restart,hcg dosage is 250iu eod 8000iu is a massive dose.

and first of all why are you on andriol is it for trt?
if so try ksman protocol,

cypionate or enanthate 50mg e3d
anastrozole .5mg e3d
hcg 250iu eod

Have you checked your prolactin levels?
What was your free test level results?
Also if for the time being you are taking viagra, you may want to switch to cialis - it seems to increase your LH levels (experience only - when LH gets higher, dick works better). Maybe 10 mg per day for 4 weeks and then don’t take and see if it’s a bit better on it’s own.
When you are completely shut down you probably should have started with a high dose of HCG for a few weeks to kick start things - your doctor was way too slow and then the dose was still too low to do much in your case.
I would need to see blood labs to know if another PCT is a good idea.
How old are you?

Shadow_Pro thanx for your reply.
Most of my tests was fine. Anyway I will do another lab test in a few days and I will paste results.

Problem with viagra is that it can not guarantee me “success”. Sometimes it doesn’t work as I want. This is the problem . I will ask for cialis anyway.

I have pinned HCG already (around 8000iu) and now I am pretty sure that balls are working properly . Maybe I should have taken more SERM (I took nolva only for three weeks).

Today, it is nearly 2 months since I have finished pct. I see that it is better in general. But problems with ED still exist .

I am almost 40


A few things. I do need to see the blood labs to be positive, but i think the reason you are still not ok after your PCT is that it was incomplete. The way you did the HCG was not harsh enough to wake up your system…in cases like this I usually start with 1 or 2 weeks of 5000 iu in the first 2 shots and then go down from there for at least 5 weeks. Obviously Nolvadex for those 5 weeks also, possibly even up to 8 weeks. Sometimes Clomid as well.
Depending on your blood lab, you may want to run the whole pct over again. If that’s the case I would do the following:
HCG - week 1 5000iu, 7 days later 5000, 7 days later 3000, 10 days later 1500 twice per week, 10 days later 500 twice per week, 7 days later 250 twice per week.
This is the harshest way to wake up your system. You could go with lower dosages depending on your blood labs.
Nolvadex 40/40/40/20/20/maybe another week of 10
Clomid 100/100/50/50
Alpha Male - 2 full bottles during the whole pct (I would go double the dose on the second bottle)
This combined with daily cialis for a while and it should help if it’s an estrogen issue. I’m also suggesting to check your prolactin, as too low or too high will also fuck with your dick. If it’s too high it can be solved with Caber, and if it’s too low there is a medication called domperidone which can help.
Another note take into consideration that you’re 40 - as you get older and use juice, these issues show up more regularly. Make sure your nutrition is on point and that you’re doing some cardio 3 days per week for 30 min - that alone should help - better blood flow to your whole body = better working dick.
Is your libido also down or just ED

Shadow_Pro thanx again for your reply.

On Monday I will do lab test. However below are my result before I decided to pin hcg and then take nolva. References in brackets

  1. estradiol 105 pmol (40-160)
  2. testosteron 20,55 nmol (8,33-30,19)
  3. Prolactin - 305 (73-417)
  4. LH - 5,02 (1,14-8,75)
  5. FSH - 4,14 (0,95 - 11,95)
  6. and SHBG - 24,9 (13-71)

So everything was ok. My doc said I can not be shut down with these results !
I also think that lab test I am going to do will be ok as well.

I didn’t do free test - is it really important? I thing my shbg and test shows that free test should be ok .

However I have quite good libido, but permanent problem with ED
What to do ?. Take another pct as you mentioned or wait ( It last over 1,5 year and I do not want to wait forever till something change with ED)

I lean toward trying another PCT but I would really prefer to see the new blood labs before giving this recommendation.
It’s not that your blood tests were bad, but they can definitely be better across the board.

Here my recent tests 7 weeks after this pct with hcg and nolva

LH - 5,74 (1.7 - 8.6)
FSH 4.27 (1.5 - 12.4)
Testosteron - 21,84 (8.64-29)
Prolactin 167 (86-324)
Estradiol 175.2 (41.4 - 159)

I visited endo yesterday . He said that lab results are fine. Estradiol is higher because of hcg and it should normalize soon.
Told him that not everything is ok , ed and also low sperm volume. He said that he could not do anything more. Gave me cialis and viagra and also exemastinum which i can take three months every day if i feel i need something . told me that exemastinum is stronger and more selective than nolva .
What to do now ? take exemastinum , wait another month to see things or run another pct ???

According to me to how i feel no matter of lab tests I feel not fully recovered.


Please just tell me if you were me you would run power pct if yes it would be the power pct?

I’m so sorry man I completely missed your reply…please ensure that I get tagged or just respond to my response (or you can always write in my thread if it seems like I may have missed something).
As for your results - your prolactin went down quite a bit which is good.
You can try the exemastinum if you’d like - it wont hurt. I like Nolva but you can try.
Estrogen levels are a little high - I agree with your doctor that it can be from the HCG.
If you do nothing it will balance eventually but it could be months (unfortunately it takes a long time…your doc is being a bit of a dick by telling you to just wait it out).
I assume you are on Alpha Male? It didn’t help?
You are not taking anything additional at the moment?
Let’s wait for the 10 week mark after your last PCT and if it doesn’t improve, then we will discuss another “kickstart” PCT together.
When you take cialis/viagra does your dick work normally? If yes how long does it last (like can you get a hard on for a few days or just the one time?).

Unfortunately I f…d up all situation, because I went to the doc and started complaining a bit. So we decide that I can run hcg for 3 months with clomid 10 pills every months and then finish with clomid only for a month .
However hcg is completly out of stock in my country so as doc said I can start clomid for 3 months to raise again LH and FSH . I started few days ago but I do not know if it is really necessary to take it for three months, if not I will take it for one month and then after two months I will do lab test. After that I will wait because i do not want to take something more

Concerning viagra and cialis it really doesn’t help me with 100%. Dick can be hard but not so much hard as it should be . this is the problem . I know i need homeostatis .

Shadow_Pro, what is your opinion now for clomid terapy - take it fpr month or 3 months as doc suggested?