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PCT/Restart After TRT Doses for 14 Months

I am planning on coming off after being mostly on for the last 12 months. I did do 500/mg for 4 weeks, and 300mg prop for 3 weeks. Otherwise at 175-250mg/wk. Took a couple 3 week breaks as well. I stated Hcg at 250iu 3x/wk about 8 weeks ago. I plan on staying on test for one more month before stopping. Getting off to have another child. We have one already that is 14 months old.

Prior to beginning, my test was 540 (348-1197).

After spending time here, my PCT plan has completely changed, as I think high does SERM could cause issues. So here is my plan after stopping test.

Week 1-4 (250iu Hcg EOD)
Week 5-8 Clomid 25 ED
Week 9-10 Clomid 12.5mgEd, with 1mg arimidex spread throughout the week. (I take this dose currently).

Since I have been on the Hcg for 8 weeks now, should I take a break for the last 4 weeks, then start again after stopping the test?

I plan on adding a good dose of natural herbs to help with libido (maca,horny goat weed,avena sativa), plus ZMA and Vit D high dose. Will any of that interfere with recovery?

Stop hCG so the testes freefall for 4 weeks? NO

I assume that you have studied the HPTA restart thread.

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Yes, but with all the different avenues and opinions, I just wanted some clarification that I had things set up properly. Anything you would do differently in my situation? The advice here is VASTLY different than anywhere else with regards to PCT.

Exactly. Bro-science is full of bogus ideas and more is better bravado.

The reason for Clomid instead of Nolva is the one time I tried Nolva I had an allergic reaction. Now it was research grade not RX, sot that may be why. I may try rx grade and see if it still happens, as it seems that is more preferred.