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PCT Required While Blasting on TRT?

The question is basically in the title. I couldn’t find an answer to this anywhere on the internet that I felt confident in. Obviously SERMs and AIs to combat e2 related issues, but once the ten weeks is up, what do you do?

First off, tell us what you understand by the terms “PCT” and “TRT”. Hopefully you’ll end up answering your own question…

I assume you mean blasting the test cyp? You should raise your AI dosage during the cycle, and continue the high AI for at least 2 weeks post-cycle. Then you should just be able to go back to your TRT schedule. No PCT is needed.

Edit: I would not reccommend doing this unless you have been on TRT long enough to know what your test and E2 levels should be for a given doseage of test cyp and AI. It takes a long time to dial these in properly, and cycling the test will only make things all the more difficult. Wait 6 weeks minimum post-cycle before your next blood draw.

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I see that obvious mistake now lol I was on 200mg cyp/week to get me around 650-700. I was planning on adding another 500mg test and low dose dbol, I just wanted to know what to do after the blast. Thanks guys.

[quote]JonBlood wrote:
…but once the ten weeks is up, what do you do?[/quote]

blast another ten weeks?

Anyone else have an opinion on this?

Opinion about what? It is a fact that you dont run PCT drugs while on TRT.

A PCT is required to hasten the recovery of your endogenous testosterone production, amongst other things. As long as you remain on TRT then you are indefinitely shutting this production down anyway.

This begs the question of why you would embark on post cycle therapy when you are not in fact cycling AAS, you are simply staying “on” the whole time, albeit at lower dosages.

This is called “Blasting and Cruising” and can take many different forms. Here is an example I have pulled out of my arse:

1-12 weeks Test,Tren 400mg/600mg PW respectively
13-24 weeks 200mg Test PW
25-48 weeks Test,EQ 400/600mg PW respectively

You would alter your AI dose to suit the level of aromatising AAS in your system at any point.

That’s it really.

How often do you get blood work done by your doctor?

[quote]Scott M wrote:
How often do you get blood work done by your doctor? [/quote]
Just started with a new endo, I’m not sure.

That would likely be a vital piece of info to find out before embarking on a blast/cycle.