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PCT Questions


My buddy did a cycle and I'm trying to help him figure out his PCT. I tried telling him to get all his stuff before starting but he didn't listen.

His cycle:

1-19 Hexadex 450 (20mg Test Ace, 30mg Test Prop, 50mg Test PhenylProp, 90mg Test Enth, 95mg Test Cyp, 165mg Test Undecanoate)
4-17 Trenbolone Enanthate

Would this PCT be good for him?

21-25 Nolva at 20/20/20/10/10
21-25 Clomid at 100/100/100/50/50
21-25 Arimidex at .25mg ED


What the fucking fuck is that test blend about? That’s blown my mind.

Drop the Clomid from the PCT and add in one more week of Nolva @20mg and you’re getting somewhere.

Also adex dosing change to EOD and continue this one week longer than PCT.


I dunno what the deal is with the blend. He got it from some bro at work.

So adex EOD instead of ED and run it for 6 weeks?


yeah something like

Nolva 20/20/20/20/10/10
adex 0.25mg EOD for 7 weeks. (1 week longer than PCT)

no clomid just use one SERM.

19 weeks is quite a long cycle and a longer PCT is shown to give better recovery than a shorter one with higher dose SERM.

Was he running HCG during the cycle?


You’d better tell him to use HCG if he values his nuts.


He didn’t take any HCG during.

What dose/duration would you recommend the HCG?
When would he start the HCG? Same as the Adex/Nolva?


When is he due to start his PCT?

I’m not sure what your best option is here, as ideally you want to keep the SERM and HCG seperate.

If he still needs to wait for the drugs to clear before starting PCT i would run the HCG then, stopping a few days before taking the SERM


I think hes got 2 or 3 weeks left on the cycle. So should he take HCG the last 2 weeks and the 2 weeks before starting PCT?

If that’s right what dose would you recommend running and how often?


I’d go 250iu EOD i guess


So I’m in a similar situation, didn’t use HCG during cycle but want to use it during PCT. Had my last pin on Sunday and was running Sus only (16 weeks, long I know).

I’m thinking HCG first two weeks of PCT @ 250IU EOD. Novla for the full 6 weeks of PCT 20mg ED?