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PCT Questions

okay i do not do steriods and i am just curious just like anybody who hasnt used them but i have a few questions about pct

first do you need a pct for winstrol?

also i read that people said clomid only was a ba pct when a guy did test prop tren ace and masteron
why is that?
what else would he use? novaldaex or what ever its called?
thank you to whoever ends my confusion

I don’t understand your post exactly, it’s not very clear.


If you use winstrol for a period of time long enough to cause suppression then you need PCT, for PCT you need a SERM (do a search) this is clomid or nolvadex.

Winstrol does not aromatize, so you do not need to worry about controlling estrogen. To control estrogen I use Arimidex.

Hope this helps, read the stickies…