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PCT Questions

Hey guys, hope everybodys training is going well. I just had a question about my PCT. I’m about to finish a pretty hefty prohormone cycle (4weeks of PPLEX/4weeks of MASS TABS 8 weeks total) and I’m going to take nolva as my post dosed at 20mg/day for the first 2 weeks and 10mg/day for the last two weeks.

Is that enough to suffiecntly raise my natural test levels or should I take a natural test booster with it? Ive researched the hell out of it, but keep getting different opinions, any input would be extremely helpful. Thanks a lot guys!

While you didn’t go on 'roids, this is not the forum for those questions.

I understand that but Prohormones have the same affects, its just a simple question if you dont have any input dont waiste ur time, thanks

bigray you have a lot to learn, bud. PHs dont give anywhere near the same results and usually are worse when it comes to sides. As for your Nolva dosing behind your ridiculous PH cycle… with 2 seconds of research you’d find standard Nolva dosing is 40/40/20/20 dosed daily wks 1-4 of PCT so dont give me the bs about you researching the hell out it. I dont even think I have enough time in my life to count how many times the statement “Nolvadex 40/40/20/20” is typed in this forum.