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PCT Questions - First Cycle, Test E 10 Weeks

Hi everyone,

My first cycle (only cycle) consisted of just Test E 500 mg / week e3.5d. PCT consisted of clomid 50/50/25/25, but my sides with clomid involved vision problems, and acne, and I heard that Nolva is better in terms of sides, but is it better overall? Or should I run BOTH clomid and nolva. I’ve been doing tons of reading, and I think I’m only going to stick to Test E, as I had amazing results for my first cycle, and did not have any crazy sides. One potential problem that I saw in my first cycle was when to take an AI. (I always took one after I pinned, I think 12.5mg of aromasin e3.5d)

However, I have some questions regarding PCT, and what I can do to try and get back the natural production as fast as possible. Thanks in advance for everyone who reads and replies. It is greatly appreciated.

Q: I also read that you should stick to one or the other, and not both. Is this true? Or should I run BOTH clomid and nolva?

Q: Is Nolva better for sides and better overall in comparison to clomid?

Q: Is HCG necessary in any way / does it help keep natural production or make it easier to come back after cycle?

Q: When do I take an AI during the cycle? Every day? Every 3.5 days?

So far, the cycle I plan to run in the next year or summer goes as follows:

10 weeks: Test Enanthate 500 mg / week, pinning 250 mg every 3.5 days
Week 12: PCT - Clomid 50/50/25/25 OR Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

As for an AI, I have a question regarding that above. I’ll probably take aromasin again. Thanks everyone for reading, and replying. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

On a side effects basis Nolva is better. Those Clomid vision sides you experienced? They’re nasty and could end up being permanent for many people who get them. So obviously don’t take that anymore.

HCg has its place, but that debate is long and excruciatingly annoying to have on here. I take it because my doctor has a good reason for me to take it. But for guys who are cycling it isn’t strictly necessary.

As far as AI is concerned you should use whatever protocol worked for you the first time. If you managed e2 without any issues then just do that again.

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Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.

I used 12.5 mg of aromasin e3.5d, after everytime I pinned, so it seemed fine for me. Thank you again.