PCT Question

I’m going for a bulk cycle with
Drol wk 1-3 @ 100mg/day
Winny wk 1-3 @ 25 mg/day
Tbol wk 4-7 @ 50 mg/day
Prov wk 4-7 @ 50 mg/day
Looking for what you guys think for PCT
I’m split between Novla at 40mg/day, 30mg/day, 20 mg/day
and taking some Clomid at 150mg/day, 100mg/day, 50 mg/day.
Any help or thoughts would be appreciated

Even though t bol is rather mild in comparison compared to some of the other compounds I still wouldnt run orals for 7 weeks. Also a dosage of 25 mg per day of winni is not appropriate.
For the pct nolva should be fine. And there are quite a few different reccomendations out there regarding dosage these days. Im assuming you are asking regading weeks and there really is no need to go over 20mg/day during wk 2 of pct.

If I were to run this cycle or recommend it, which not being a fan of orals much, I would do neither, but:

I’d up the Winstrol to 50mg/day and run the Anadrol at 50mg and Winstrol at 25mg twice a day.

I’d up the Tbol to 60mg and run the Tbol at 30mg and Proviron at 25mg twice a day.

For PCT I would simply run Nolvadex at 20mg a day for around 3 weeks - basically once you ‘feel’ recovered, run it another week. Start the Nolvadex immediately after (next day) your last dose.

Hi Im currently on 1-androstenediol 300mgs a day and 17-hd and have gained 12 pounds in 5 weeks, my benchpress has gone up from 225 for 1 to 315 for 1 rep max. i have been lifting for 5 years now and i would like to know if this PCT sounds OK for a mild oral prohormone.

–Gaspari novedex XT 4 pills a day tapering one off every week
—17-hd which really helps me boost test and gain energy in the gym

Do i have to run clomid/nolva at all?