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PCT Question


I just came off a 12 week cycle of test e. My libido and erections actually sucked on the test and are now terrible a week into PCT (I am aware that this is expected). A couple people have suggested using Alpha Male during PCT or after.

Does anyone have any comments on this?


What are you doing for PCT?


40/40/20/20 nolva. i ran 250iu HCG EOD the whole cycle and raised it to 500iu ED for first week of PCT and then discontinued. I am currently on the secound week.


I am also trying to get testes back to normal size. figured tongkat ali would help, which is also why some suggested Alpha Male.


I find it odd that you ran HCG at 250iu eod throughout the entire cycle yet still claim to have substanctial testicular shrinkage. The HCG should have been stopped right after the last shot of test. DO NOT consider starting it again during your PCT as if I understand this correctly it will actually hinder your recovery.

I have little experience with Alpha Male but have heard many positive comments from others. It will probably aid in recovery, but to a lesser extent than nolv will. I would also suggest running 25mg/day of aromasin, an AI that will not effect the action of the SERM.


Your on-cycle libido couldve been compromised by elevated estrogen levels. (I def noticed a difference after introducing an AI mid-cycle)

Or you might have gotten bunk test along with that bunk HCG. (HCG throughout means normal size balls throughout)

Alpha Male should help you out regardless.


I was aware not to do hcg with nolva. but i went threw many articles on the topic and most said to up the dose first week of pct with or without SERM but to discontinue about 2 weeks before your finished taking the SERM. so i figured to be safe id stop 3 weeks before.

how long do people usually stay on Alpha Male? Iv found a site selling 140 cap bottles but im guessing that lasts about a month. do some take for 2 months or usually stop after 1?