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PCT Question...

Hi guys, I just wanted your expert advice on something. This is my second cycle and I can put my stats up, should you require.

My cycle 12 weeks:
1-12 Sust 500mgs/wk
1-4 Dianabol 40mg
6-12 Anavar 40mgs ED
20 mg Nolva ED.

The reason I started running Nolva during cycle is because I noticed some puffiness around my left nipple, so got paranoid and decided to run Nolva at 20MG a day.

My question is this; bearing in mind that I am running Nolva during practically the entire cycle, do I still need to run the same PCT: Nolva wks (16-20) 40, 20, 20, 20?

Thanks in advance

Yes, just because youre taking nolva during cycle doesn’t mean you are recovered. You should stop the nolva when sides are gone and start on adex or aromasin like you should have been taking in the first place, not sure if you were or not.

I got a question sorry to interrupt ur forum, but I have currently been on 400mgs of test prop for the last 5 months , with arimidex .5 e3d , I’m about to come. Off next week and I wanted your expert opinion on my pct , if I could do it any better I would apreaciate your replys!, so for pct I was thinking of running
Arimidex .5 e3d
Hcg1000iu every 3.5 days
Clomid 100mg a day for a whole month then come of completely everything.
What’s your opinion on this pct? Thanks again I apreaciate your replies !!

That pct looks like shit, I would use aromasin instead of adex and hcg is not for pct, its for during cycle. I feel like ive typed this a million times. you might want to look into a test taper since you have been on for 20 weeks