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PCT Question on Nolva

got my hands on 400 mg of nolva. Is this enough for pct??


visit chemone or innovative research

you can get over 1G for dirt cheap

asking a question like this makes me worry.

Did you start a cycle without any PCT?

And you are on steroids and dont know how to effectively use Nolvadex?

A minimal PCT would be 40mgED week 1 [280mg], 30mgED week2 [210], 20mgED week3 [140], 10mg week 4 [70]. 700mg is what I’d call minimum. As mentioned above best to shoot for around a gram in case you need some on cycle too. Or if you wanna run higher dosages during PCT

thank yall, for saving my nuts. got a gram.

Bear in mind that Nolva or even Clomid’s primary function is not the restoration of testicular function. If you get that problem you must run to hcg. Nolva and clomid will aid in raising endogenous test production. However, if your balls turn into raisins you better head straight to hcg.