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PCT Question for Holiday

Hey folks! New to t nation but not the bodybuilding scene.

Im running my course the now. 500mg test e and 400mg deca a week. Basically when I finish (12 week course), I’ve got two weeks then holidays (she booked it. Bad timing). So just in time for me running my PCT. My general question would be take the pct with me? No problems with that or stick on with the course for another two weeks, obviously that will mean I’ll have dropped the deca at week 10. And continued test for 14… its only a week holiday btw

What would you guys say? Run it? Or stick to the course you set out for?

just start the PCT a week later, and don’t worry about taking anything with you. Hell, you could just run the cycle for one week extra if you want. I can’t believe you’re asking such a simple question.

Thanks mate. Yeah I just wasn’t sure at stopping at 12 or carrying on to 14. Reassurance keeps me sane. Appreciate the speedy reply mate.