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PCT Question For a Tren/Test Cycle

Hello everyone,
I am planning on doing a cycle of Tren Enanthate and Test Enanthate for 10 weeks starting sometime in september but I am having trouble figuring out what to do for PCT.

I have done 2 cycles in the past; the first was Test E at 500mgs/wk for 8 weeks with clomid for PCT. The second was Test E at 750mgs/wk + 30mgs Dbol/day for 8 weeks with a 40/20mg Nolva taper for PCT. The clomid gave me bad acne and the nolva seemed to work a lot better considering I still made some gains during the PCT.

From what I have read on this site and others Tren may need different PCT protocol because of the prolactin/progesterone… I have read some people’s takes on supplementing vitamin B6 and some say using an AI will keep the estrogen down enough to stop the prolactin/progesterone from causing gyno.

The cycle I plan on doing is something in the range of 500-600 mgs of Test and around 250mgs of Tren per week… i havent ordered anything yet and I dont remember the exact numbers I have written down… I am also aware of the caution that should be taken with Tren and that Tren Ace is recommended before using Enanthate…

I have no desire to shoot everyday however and side effects like hair loss, gyno, acne, raised blood pressure havent been a problem on the two prior cycles so I am willing to give Tren E a try.

I’d appreciate any help regarding this

<9% bf estimate

to be safe probably something like this:

Week Nolvadex HCG Aromasin Vitamin E
1 20mgs/day 500iu/day 20-25mgs/day 1000iu/day
2 20mgs/day 500iu/day 20-25mgs/day 1000iu/day
3 20mgs/day 500iu/day 20-25mgs/day 1000iu/day
4 20mgs/day 20-25mgs/day
5 20mgs/day 20-25mgs/day
6 20mgs/day

Not discounting the previous post at all, but does anyone else have anything to add?? Possibly someone whos done a similar cycle?

don’t know how much help this is but I am starting a similar cycle in early Aug.

I will be running test cyp at 750mg/wk for 12 weeks. and tren ace 150mg EOD for the first 4 or 5 weeks.

I was planning on doing HGC at 3000iu/wk for wks 10-13, then starting a Nolva taper on weeks 14-19.

I am now looking into the test taper. I will take the HGC at 3000iu/wk for weeks 10-12 then start test taper in week 13 at 100mg for week 13 and 14
75mg/wk for 15 and 16
and 50mg/wk for 17 and 18
then nothing on wk 19
may start nolva taper also if I feel like I’m crashing in wk 20

I have never had any gyno issues either but I will have nolva on hand anyway. Also I will be purchasing bromocriptine for progesterone related gyno as I have heard that is the only thing that will stop it.

if you decide on the test taper as I did. do not iclude the HGC in your PCT as it is supressive. instead use it toward the end of your actual cycle just to get the boys back to size.

hope this helps

There’s no reason for planned procrastination with the hCG. Just use it throughout the entire cycle.

thanks… yea I’ll look into the bromo, any credibility to the idea of using vitamin b6 to help??

B6 should be used during the cycle to keep prolactin/progesterone levels down.

I have used B6 every time I run tren. Some folks, like Bushy, are sensitive to it, and they get headaches. I would keep the dosage around 300mg/day.

Nolva, clomid, toremifene, raloxifiene…all good SERMs to take for PCT.

I am not a big fan of the HCG. I have never taken it, and doubt I ever will.

yea that sounds good rainjack… i wasnt too keen on the HCG either since i really havent experienced much testicular shrinkage in the past and this cycle isnt going to be terribly long. Im gona get some dostinex (just in case) and B6 to use during the cycle along with anti E and use nolva for PCT. thanks guys