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PCT question for a cocktail

I have a question. I have a friend whos on his last week of his cycle which was 20 weeks long, and a mixture of tren, test cyp, and sust 250. I have never heard of mixing all these drugs into one vial. Thats pretty much just a different version of sust 250 is it not? So he came to me for advice. He did 2cc a week (1cc 2x a week) and has liquid nolva and clomid for pct (along with HCG) what would be a proper pct for this? STATS VV

Age: 20
Weight: 200
Height: 5’9

HCG blast for 10 days, starting the day of your last pin, 750iu ED. Stop the HCG 3-4 days before PCT. PCT should be Nolva 40/40/20/20
Clomid 100/100/50/50

not at all like sustanon. Sust is just a mix of long and short testosterone esters. It was developed because the theory was that as one ester was running out, your longer ester kicks in so you don’t have to pin as much. The reality turned out to be that is just meant your blood levels were all to buggery. For some reason people still use it although I can’t think of a single advantage over enanthate/cypionate.

Mixing test E and sustanon is just pointless. Might as well just do test/tren and not mix the tests.

PCT would just be the same shit as always. Your friend (and I assume when you say your “friend” you really just mean “yourself”) should have known this before he cycled.

LOL you must be new to these forms otherwise you’d know I dont juice and it really is a friend from the gym. But thank you man, I was just confused as hell. Does he have to run hcg and both serms or can he just run hcg and Nolva because his dosege wasn’t high only 2cc a week I didn’t feel the need to tell him to use all compounds on his pct

fair enough mate, it’s just that these “my friend” threads are usually just a dude asking for himself. If you don’t juice, you should start. It’s loads of fun…

I would personally run both SERMs. He might not need both SERMs, but he might, and if he does but he doesn’t use them both and he botches his PCT then he’s open to all kinds of shit happening to him.

Tren’s a suppressive as fuck compound too, so yeah, I’d do a full PCT of hCG and SERMs. Just make sure he knows not to use the hCG when he’s using the SERMs.

Basically just do what CougarPride said…

Okay thanks man!