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PCT Question - 6 Month Cycle

Hey folks,

I’m looking over the stickies, but I will admit I am not getting all the information I need… Very likely just overlooking or misinterpreting some stuff. I am finishing a 6 month Test-E only cycle. I have been looking into a proper PCT, as I had originally just planned for 12 weeks and use Clomid and/or Nolvadex. However I’m not sure if at this stage that is the best approach? Or if I should taper gradually down and include any other PCT supplements?

If anyone could provide me some advice, or a link to a thread which already discusses this and I’ll be very appreciative.

Would something like this be suitable?

Simple cruise

300mg TE weekly
500iu HCG twice per week
1mg Arimidex on Mon, Wed, Fri

After the cruise go into PCT. 6 Weeks for cruise. Last 2 weeks at 1000iu twice per week? Then Clomid?

Stay strong my fellow brothers in iron!



I don’t really understand what you are saying? You are coming off a 6 month cycle and you want to do a statis taper?

Prisioner has the protocol in the stickies…

3mg is way to high Adex also…