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PCT Plan Proviron and Nova


Hi guys, please don't flame me, I read all the links....

I just did a cycle of just Thai D-Bol for 8 weeks, and believe it or not, I had the early signs of gyno 1 week after the cycle, which fortunately subsided... but now planning a (real) injectible 10 week cycle for the new year with 500 test and 200 deca... I have a good source for proviron and nolavodex, and don't plan to wait till my left tit swells up again like a breast-feeding mom this time, but not sure about the doses...

Was thinking of doing 20mg of Proviron every other day during the cycle and saving the Nova for the PCT unless the same problem rears it ugly head during the cycle, but haven't found anything about the possible interactions between these these drugs, and just want to get some feedback.

My goal is to gain 20 lbs, but not all of it my tits, hehehe, any advice on what doses to use to avoid gyno? because it seems I am a prime candidate....

Thanks for your friendly advice, guys and happy muscle holidays.


If i were you, I WOULD NOT START THAT CYCLE WITHOUT AN AROMATOSE INHIBITOR AND NOLVA. If you already have a pre-existing gyno problem its going to get worse, especially on test. Sounds like you need to do some more research bro.