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PCT Plan for First Cycle


I began my first aas cycle about 10 days ago, im not taking a huge dose by any means. 15 mg d-bol ed/ 250 mg test e weekly. If your planning on commenting on this and trying to say im an idiot for not taking enough, or that i need to keep my training and diet in check or anything stupid you can just save your time and move along.

im 19 (also dont tell me im to young, i know alot of you are thinking that)
6'2' 200 lbs 8% bf.
been training for a good amount of time, my bro got me into it (he was sponsored by scivation and had his pro card)

Im only running the d-bol for 4 weeks, and the test for 10. I figured since the dose was low enough i would just use nolva on cycle if gyno occurs. For pct i was just planning on using nolva with aromasin, if there are any people that could give me advice for maybe a more elaborate pct or if you think mines fine, please let me know.



And too young/ waste of Test/Dbol.


I gotta disagree with you.

The once in the pic is Alexei Lesukov at 18 years old. Is he a waste of test ? I don't think so.
As I recall, most of the pros also started using chemical assistance in their teens. Arnold is also the posterboy for this.

Sure young people have more natural test, but it's not like a teenager's test levels will make any steroid compound useless, and I see no reason for the "too young" comment.


Stop being a jackass. Just because there are 18 year olds who are THAT advanced and who are going to GO PRO doesn't mean the 19yo OP should be using steroids.

Besides, 250mg per week of test and 15mg dbol ED IS a waste of test/dbol regardless of age.

The younger you are, the higher the risk you run of damaging your HPTA (all other things being equal.) The "too young" comment wasn't a dumb one.


No it was a dumb one, especially after i said i dont want people telling me im to young?. Im well aware of the risks I run using at this young of an age. But honestly you telling me that is probably not going to stop me. Mainly i just wanted to know peoples experiences with different AI's what worked better for them and what not, for pct. im not taking one during cycle because it is a low dose of AS.


It wasn't a dumb comment. No one here cares if you fuck yourself up, but if there's another teenager reading this thread and sees that no one says he's too young, surely he can start using AAS, too... right? When he really shouldn't be, either.

"Mainly i just wanted to know peoples experiences with different AI's what worked better for them and what not, for pct."

This statement alone shows that you're not "well aware" of much of anything regarding proper steroid use.

But here's my advice to you:

Read the SERM and AI sticky at the top of this forum and learn what the differences are between the two. You don't need both for a PCT, just a SERM.

Ask more specific questions and you'll get better answers.

What was your reasoning for using a low dose cycle in the first place?


Wow, I wonder if he got that big using 250mg of Test/wk and 15mg Dbol/day? Yeah you're right, he probably used a lot more than that. Probably knew how to use AI's and SERMs too.

Cool to see you advocating steroid use for teenagers, though. Don't see much of that around here.


rrjc5488 Which is exactly why i put i know you all are gonna think im to young, but that wasnt supposed to be the point for this thread, but obviously thats what the topic turned into. I specifically said i dont want to here your opinions about my age. im not trying to blowup like a fucking balloon on my first cycle and im trying to get through a plateau, so far it looks like its doing just what i want and no more so im completely happy with that. i did plenty of research, and of course i know the difference between SERM's and AI's. Im just gonna go ahead and order arimidex, thanks for the heaps of information i now know everything i need to know about anabolic steroids in fact i think gonna up my dosage to 250 mg ed and see if ill look like Alexei Lesukov after this cycle.


I like your pictures Toby Queef.


rrjc5488 by the way your picture looks i think it would be better for me not to listen to anything you have to say. Thats me being honest, just like you are.



To be 19 again...

Good luck with your PCT, twat.


Sorry, I'm not advocating steroids to teenagers by all means, I just don't see a point in condeming it, this attitude is likely only going to make the teenager in question go and fuck himself even more, because, teenagers being teenagers, he would likely choose not to listen to the people who were condeming his decision.

Instead of going with a "too young, brah", why not simple point out the dangers of doing it at early ages and then simply point him in the right direction ? Arrongance simply leads to more arrogance.

And I'd also like to clarify, when I pointed out that some people have done steroids in their teens before, I'm not approving that behavior, I'm just pointing out that people have taken that risk and nothing happened, otherwise they wouldn't be were they are, wouldn't you agree ?

I agree that my post wasn't helpfull to the thread or the OP, and I apologize calling out anyone.

To the OP.

I'd advise you wait a bit more time man, because the risk of permanently shutting down your hpta is really high. You wouldn't want to take that risk without a good reason. But if you really fell like doing it so, please make sure you do it right, read more, there are good stickies in the forum that are good sources of info. Plan ahead, have a really good PCT in case the worst happens, have back up plans and drugs to counter it. Also, if you decide to do the cycle anyway, have a doctor run your bloodwork montly and keep an eye out on those test levels.

Hope I have helped


You don't see a point in condemning it? It's a case of not knowing what you don't know. OP doesn't know shit about what he's doing to his body with these drugs, yet he's "well aware" of all the dangers.

The only one in here who's beaming with arrogance is the OP.

No I wouldn't agree. You don't know that "nothing happened." No one here said OP is going to kill himself with a simple test/dbol cycle. You have no idea what ANY teens bloodwork reads after they completed their cycles. They could be permanently shut down and require a lifetime of TRT because of said cycle. My guess is that OP didn't think about the chance of that happening ONCE in this endeavor.

So you give people shit about advising him to wait longer, yet your first piece of advice is to wait?

OP does have good reason to do this cycle - he's an invincible 19yo who knows everything, and that's good enough for him.

But hey, he's got his PCT set, so lets just leave him alone. I mean, surely there is absolutely NO WAY he could have come up with a simple, successful test/dbol cycle on his own without starting this thread. There definitely ARE NOT hundreds, if not thousands of test/dbol cycle threads on this forum alone, let alone the internet.

Just stop defending the use of AAS by teenagers, would'ya? There could be other teenagers reading this thread thinking to themselves "well hey, if he should do it, so should I" and that's just not the case.


Madhusky i just got a blood test before starting the cycle, and will get one once i am done with cycle.

rrjc5488 thank you for entertaining me, and for all the valuable information, if i listen to you ill be looking like you are in your pic in no time, my life will be complete after that.


complete waste of a first cycle. if you dont permanently damage yourself in some way it should be considered a success.

How bout you post pics (even now would be ok, even with the dbol bloat you already have).

Then post pics the lsat day of the cycle.

Then post pics 6 weeks after PCT.

Prove to everyone that you know as much as you do about training and nutrition to make this a worthwhile endeavor.


This is from a Bill Roberts article I read the other day. If this can't convince him what a waste it is, nothing can:

"Usage of 250 mg/week usually amounts to nothing other than high-end testosterone replacement therapy. There is no guarantee that this usage will even cause testosterone levels to exceed the normal range. The dosing is high enough to suppress LH production, but in most cases is not high enough for any striking anabolic or fat-loss effects. Depending on individual sensitivity, this amount may be high enough to cause gynecomastia if an aromatase inhibitor is not used, or may be enough to cause oily skin or acne. In a few instances, anabolic or fat loss benefits may be impressive, as there are individuals who are high responders. But this isn't the usual outcome for this dosage level.

500 mg/week. In my opinion, this is a reasonable minimum for an actual steroid cycle. I see little point in suppressing the HPTA but probably failing to get much gains out of it, as is the usual outcome for any dosage much less than this. Again, because testosterone aromatizes to estradiol, an aromatase inhibitor may be required to avoid estrogen-related problems. No one, I think, will fail to see substantially improved gains at this dosage level compared to natural training, but the rate of improvement may be slow. Eight weeks, however, is sufficient even at this amount for a quite significant improvement, unless of course one has trained for enough time at this usage level to have gotten most of what the individual can obtain from it.

750 mg/week. I would rather see this amount used if choosing to do a cycle. If an aromatase inhibitor is used it is unlikely that increased side effects would be a real reason to prefer 500 mg/weeek over this dosage, and results are very substantially superior.

1000 mg/week. I have no problem with this being the dosage for a first cycle but that is in the context of a serious lifter who understands what he is doing. If the steroid use is in fact cycled -- that is to say, there are both on and off periods and the on periods are not overly long, and normalization of function is accomplished in the off periods -- this is not an overly aggressive dosage by any means. At this dosage, the superiority over natural training is dramatic.

Lastly, there are of course uses such as 2000 mg/week. I don't see a reason to go to this until one has achieved such a level of development -- relative to the individual -- that for example 1000 mg/week has done about all that it can do. In that case, if personal goals call for it, a dose such as this can be completely appropriate.

Regardless of dosing level, frequency of injection should be at least twice per week, and more preferably at least 3x/week."


Ok how about i post pics, and you guys post pics and we can compare. Ill post pics after cycle and after pct. I just recently got off suboxone (from past opiate abuse) after having been on that for about 7 months or so my testosterone was already lower than usual, so yes this dose is high enough for me. So my judgement has never really been that good in the past obviously


i dont care if you guys dont post your pics, ill post mine though.


and not that anyone cares in this thread, but i am now taking .25 a-dex every other day.


lol, really nothing to add to that other than it's no better in the present.