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PCT Options Cycle

Halfway through my first test e only cycle and have my regular pct plan ready to go for 2 weeks post last pin. Was wondering if there is any validity to slowly reducing the amount of test being injected after the 12 weeks is up rather than going cold turkey and completely cutting it off? Not sure at what point the natural testosterone production will kick in and honestly just keen to learn as much as I can before I go through it for the first time.

Paging @Singhbuilder

I was wondering the same. What’s best on you taper off or should I just cycle right off?

Tapering off will always make for an easier PCT even though time under suppression will be slightly longer. Personally, if it was a 12 weeks cycle, I would switch to prop esters from week 8 to 12 and then taper off the prop into week 14 and start PCT.

It entirely depends on your HPTA, its sensitivity and how robust it is. For someone like me, who used to have a very hard time recovering, tapering was the magic bullet. But some people are OK with cold turkey and straight into PCT.


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