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PCT On Test E 800/Week


So i need just a confirmation if my pct looks good.

Height: 175cm
Weight: 85kg

Using only Test E 800mg/week for 12weeks, but thinking to extand to 16 or 18weeks but after week 12 only for 500mg/week or less.

My pct is planed like this;

That seems like not enough for that long of a cycle… I’d add some clomid and maybe an AI to keep Estro levels from rebounding atleast

Ok i have arimidex on hand…so dosing it .25 e3d?
Why clomid to put in and how mutch than…many say its enough tamox only

Can u post like the whole pct plan you would suggest?

Enybody else any suggestions?

Start HCG at 500iu twice weekly the last week of test and a further 2 weeks post last pin. Then drop the HCG and add tamoxifen for 4 weeks. No AI

Check blood work after 6 weeks finnished the PCT
That’s how I would do it

Ok…the problem is i’mfrom europe and hcg is weeery difficoult to get here becouse i can only order it from outside the europe and that’s wery risky…so i have to go without that
Another thing is that what i hear the organs grow from hcg so thats bad…

IDK if that person above me was suggesting adex for pct or not it sounded like he was. Do not run an AI for pct. Also your intial post if 40/40/20/20 of nolva sounds perfect for a 12 week cycle. If you extend it to 14-16 weeks iv seen a lot of people run a 40/40/20/20/10/10 nolva pct for longer cycles

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40/40/20/20 nolva is a good pct, but if you want to be on the safe side add clomid as well 50/50/25/25 to stimulate LH production quickly in order to keep most of your gains. Clomid is actually prescribed by some as a treatment for low T levels, since it almost doubles natty T. As for the AI, nolva kinda works as an AI but i’d taper off the adex ATLEAST, since after my 500mg/wk test e 12 wk cycle, i stopped my Adex once I started PCT and almost got gyno. It just blocks the estrogen, doesn’t destroy it like aromasin, so your estro will spike around 3 days after last dose and you’ll be as emotional as a girl on her period. know this from experience! good luck!


Ok…now i have gear for 12weeks but i tought about extending it to 17weeks (one more vial). But tappering down…
So i started 800mg/week…
Getting 8-12week at 600mg/week
Then i tought to do 500mg/week for the last 5weeks.
I will soon start to put in some Winstrol (only 25mg before workout).

How does that sounds?
And how would you approach with PCT on that lenght of cycle?

Is this your first cycle? 800mg seems rather high if it is, e sides hit me like a train on 500 being that I didnt know how I would aromatize, 800 could be a pain.
Just run the flat dose (whatever you choose that to be) for 12 weeks. My understanding is if you run much longer then 12 weeks you really should have some hcg on hand. Tapering back on the test dose seems a little pointless due to the body adjusting to the high t levels, reducing it probably wouldnt serve much purpose (someone else might be able to add to this?).
I won’t comment on the winstrol as I know zero about it.
If you go with a 12 week cycle nolva 40/40/20/20, if you still choose to prolong your cycle then run pct a bit longer and or add clomid as mentioned above.

Yeah, HCG keeps your testicles creating LH when shut down by test. This being said, I wouldn’t recommend doing a cycle longer than 12 weeks tbh, risking serious damage to your endocrine system doing that. but if you’re going to do it, start low mg/wk like 500, then up it to 600, 700 and so on. This way you can bust through all the plateau’s you’ll hit with that long of a cycle. I would definitely do a very extensive pct since you’ll be shut down for so long. like 50/50/20/20 clomid and 40/40/20/20 nolva with ai on hand for estro rebound incase

Ok, so that been heard from you, i changed my mind not to do any unnecessary risks and stick with my 12weeks plan.
About HCG…from wgat i hear it’s bad for health (organs growing etc.)?

Tell me something…since that’s actually my first cycle, when the test fades from my system and i go with maintaining the gains, should i workout just the same or a bit less? Now i’m really giving all out at my workouts and have 5xweek trainings.

Another thing is…then a waaay in the future when i’ll start a new cycle, can you or someone tell me some good stacks with testosterone for bulking and for cutting?

So after your cycle ends your body is going to be trying to find homeostasis. You’ll probably feel much worse than you did on cycle. That’s the time when your training and your diet are going to have an outsized impact on your results. Don’t push too hard, because you don’t want to try to maintain 100% of the strength you had on cycle. Because that’s not physically possible. But try to go at it hard enough that you’re not regressing. You’ll have to find that place on your own. Nobody knows what your intensity level is. It’s entirely up to you to find that spot where you’re still lifting hard but not so hard that you end up getting hurt because you asked more of your body than it could handle.

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@iron_yuppie thanks for that!

Yet i have another question for you guys…
So i’m using adex as an AI…now i heard many times about estrogen rebound. So how do i approach with adex?
Should i stop taking it the day i start pct or should i run it longer? What with the dose then and for how long approx.?

adex halflife is roughly 2 days, i would dose it EOD 1-2 weeks after first shot, depending on if you feel signs of high estrogen, at .25 mg tops unless you need more. play it by how you feel. definitely start at a very low dose since its super easy to crash your estro early in a cycle, since the test has not had a bunch of time to build up yet. the highest I went on 500mg/wk was .5 EOD, but that was for only 2 doses since then I felt my estro crash, and i went back to .25 EOD. as for post cycle, keep on it but decrease it slowly to avoid estro rebound. for example, if you went from taking .5 eod, go to .25 eod, then .125 eod if you can split the pills that small. if not, just space out the dosing more. estro rebound isn’t the end of the world, but its important to be dedicated to training nutrition and pct even more when off test because like iron said, pct is where you make or break your cycle. you can lose muscle so quickly if you slack since you’ll be in a catabolic state until your body resumes testosterone production

Thanks for the explanation…with dosing adex i’m now familiar allready, same here heapponed twice that i dosed it to high and feelt like shit couse of low estrogen…but now i managed it and i feel fine, actually better than when not on gear from some perspectives…:wink:

So if i understand it correctly when i start PCT i drop the adex slowly, than stop with adex when the PCT is ended or again…by the feeling like you said @James2324

I’ve asked that allready on another post but got no answer…
What about Clenbuterol for PCT?
From what i hear is anticatabolic…could that come go use? Since i have some on hand…
Dosing clen i read a lot i should go 14days ON 14days OFF…is there an artelnative that i can use it all the time?

I think you are getting HCG(human chorionic gonadotrophin) mixed up with HGH(human growth hormone). Two different hormones. HCG should be plentiful, because its used by women to bring on ovulation, for pregnancy. In men it kickstarts the testicles to get up and working.

Damn you’re right!
So…what are the sides of HCG?
And how should i dose it and how often per week also for how long and when to start?
Shooting is the same (intermuscular)?

IMO, no good reason to extend a test cycle to 18 weeks. Your going to really start to plateau around 12-14 weeks, and going beyond that will be increased risk with minimal reward.

So…what are the sides of HCG?
And how should i dose it and how often per week also for how long and when to start?
Shooting is the same (intermuscular)?
Than one thing…i only can get hcg with minimal 150ui in an ampule or 5000ui in an ampule…so in 1ml of product…
How should i approach with that so it doesn’t get contaminated? Everything in one injection and than dosing it with another (leaving the rest in the firat injetion)?

Dosing is wery important for me and how often per week?

I’ve asked that allready on another post but got no answer…
What about Clenbuterol for PCT?
From what i hear is anticatabolic…could that come go use? Since i have some on hand…
Dosing clen i read a lot i should go 14days ON 14days OFF…is there an artelnative that i can use it all the time?

Personally I have never used HCG, hard to get where I live without a script from Dr.