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PCT On Holiday



I have just worked out that if I start my first ever cycle next week (which i intend too) I will be going on holiday right at the end of my cycle and as Im away for 3 weeks I will be starting my PCT 2 weeks into my holiday.

as I have never juiced before I was wondering will I lose most of my gains if I m not working out properly during PCT weeks? (I intend to do what I can without a gym pushups etc.)

also I am meeting my in laws on holiday, I know that everyone is affected differently but can I expect to have any mood problems or anything like that?

My cycle is:

week 1 - 12 test ethanate 200mg E3D
week 1 -4 Dbol 30mg ED
week 8-12 dbol 30mg ED
week 1 - 12 Adex 0.5mg EOD
week 14-17 Noladex 20mg ED

Age 30
hieght 5'4"
weight 160lbs



bumo :slight_smile:

I am going to greece by the way, I thought I might try a little visit to the pharmacy there, can anyone direct me to info on what steriods you can legally buy over the counter in Greece please


Why not hold off on the steroids until after your holiday so you get a free, uninterupted run rather than having to look for solutions where so many variables could go wrong.


I was really hoping to have started about 2 months ago, but further researching and changing cycle, waiting on supplies has delayed me.

I really would like to bulk up before I go on holiday.

Do you forsee there being any problems whilst on PCT?


I know absoloutely nothing about steroids and PCTs, but it does seem to make sense to hold off on taking them until you have a more quiet spell, so what if you're not bulked up for 1 holiday, do you really want to get 'roid rage around the inlaws? :confused:


thanks for your reply, but no offence i will not be taking on board any advice from someone who knows nothing about juicing and speaks of 'roid rage'