PCT Off TRT. Opinions?

Long story, but I’m 39 and on trt x 1.5 years. 30 mg test every 3 days, 300 hcg every 3 days…

I came off 3 weeks ago for one last Hpta restart before I turn 40 and see if I can live free of shots and pills. Labs 10 years ago had TT of 380.

Last shot was 30 mg test prop on August 15. Pct is 20 mg nolva. Labs done 9/6/2018 show LH zero, TT 26, and E2 9… normal TSH, iron etc…

I wanted to wait 3 more weeks using nolva and test labs again.

But any other advice? Add clomid etc? Or is there no hope?

It’s waste of time to try a restart at a later age, 10 years has passed and naturally your levels would have declined anyway, if your expecting to hit optimal testosterone levels after a restart and feel like a 20 year old again, perhaps in the next life. Clomid should raise all your levels, unfortunately when you stop clomid levels WILL fall right back down to baseline.

We live in a world where we are assaulted chemically on a daily basis, hormone levels have been declining the industrial revolution and it’s not going to stop, it’s accelerating and it’s not normal aging.

Thank you

I owe it to myself to try just one more time. In 3 weeks if LH still zero I’ll never look back.

Think I should finish the 3 weeks with just nolva or add 25 mg clomid to the mix as well?

I agree 100% with you, I would personally feel better to know I have no option but trt. So this is my final attempt

Usually compliance is better when a strong attempt are restoring the HPTA is done, some guys who go straight to TRT often stop and attempt a restart after dealing with the shots and pills.

Whenever I make plans to leave home, I always have to think about if I will return home in time for my next injection. If I miss just one injection, my levels start falling and I notice it within 12 hours. I don’t think most people truly understand how TRT impacts life.

Who knows maybe there will be a treatment or pill that will restart even the most broken HPTA in the future.

I know how you feel. Am 41 and only been on trt for almost 1 year and I want confirmation that I really needed trt. And think of restart.

But then I think of the back pain I had and how it’s gone on trt must have been low t and low e2 for a while.

I still want to try a restart. Clomid makes me feel like shit though. I know psychologically it would feel good to get the confirmation.

Good luck. Post your updates here

If you want to do it 3 more weeks go ahead cause then you’ll say -well what if I tried Nova a little longer