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PCT Not Needed!!!!


Ok guys, I am extremely suprised. I don't know much about steroids, as I have never used, however I always hear that you use Nolvadex and other drugs when using prohormones. Not to mention real steriods. Ok here is my question. This one guy at the gym I work out at is the type that everyone snickers at. Always flexing in front of everyone, you know the type. Well he told us that he was going to use sustanon. He ended up injecting 1000mg/week for 10 weeks and went from 185 to 215. Great progress. Well he came off and used nothing. And I mine nothing for PCT. Everyone was laughing because we thought he was going to shrink. Well the laugh is on us. It has been three weeks and he has gained two more pounds.

WHat is going on? Is PCT neccesary?


Well since the clearance time of sustanon is right around 3 weeks if he actually has come off I would expect to see him start shrinking in about a week. This is if he actually has come off.


Thats because the long acting esters in sustenon are probably just clearing right now. PCT is usually considered a must these days to restore natural hormone levels. It is actually stupid not too. Some more stats on this guy would be nice im guessing he was 6'1 and built like a screen door at 185. If this is the case the muscle he put on is easy for his body to support. It's once you've pushed those physiological boundaries that pct becomes important. PCT brings natural test production up to speed making it possible to keep as much of those inhuman gaines as you can. Whatever the case your friend may keep those gains, but I bet he couldnt get wood if he was standing in a forest.


with sust he could conceivably continue gaining for 4 maybe 5 weeks given that he ran a gram....the esters will still be clearing. he'll need PCT if he is concerned about remaining healthy.


On one of my earlier cycles with sustanon I continued to make progress well into the seventh week after I stopped using. Make no mistake about it, he WILL crash like a brick before too long if he doesn't use something quick.


Great insights guys. It will be interesting in two weeks what he looks like.