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PCT- Nolvadex Only!

Is there anything wrong with doing just Nolvadex only as a PCT???

It would be ok but not the best way to go about it.Anthony Roberts wrote a great article on PCT that I have linked below


Also, search this site for Test Taper…either would be a better choice than just doing a Nolva PCT.

Good Luck

As for as i know most people use nolva/clomid only for pct.

What do you guys use for PCT ?

Tried it before just by itself and I was still supressed for 6 or 7 weeks after. After I did some intensive research I came to realize it does next to shit at restoring natural htpa function by itself. It does have legitimate use in pct but not as a standalone. I’ll be using HCG from here on in.

I believe the previous response was incorrect. Anytime that estrogen receptors are occupied by an anti estrogen like nolvadex, natural test and lh levels will rise accordingly.

Depending on theduration and drugs used on cycle, it may or may not be enough, so the question really is what are you using the pct for?

i have a friend that uses beer as a pct, his man tits look awesome.

[quote]blok wrote:
i have a friend that uses beer as a pct, his man tits look awesome.[/quote]

thats gay!