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PCT/Nolva Only for Pre-Beach Holiday?

Hi Guys,

Did a cycle some time ago. Still have a lot of Nolva lying around. My wife and I are going on holidays in two weeks, just wondering if a little Novla only cycle until then would tighten me up a little for the beach. I’m carb controlling at the mo, and my waist is really coming in, just thought a little Nolva could speed thing up a little. It is what I have on hand, I don’t want to spend any cash on ECA or Clen.

2 weeks at 10 mg per day… what would I expect?
Increase in Libido?
A Little Fat loss?

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


I doubt very much that it’ll do anything

[quote]rds63799 wrote:
I doubt very much that it’ll do anything[/quote]


also, i don’t know how you’re acquiring them, but clen and albuterol are cheaper than SERMs at the pharmacy

I’ve heard it can boost test a little by decreasing free estrogen. that is why I thought a little would help.

What I meant by ‘not spending cash’ on ECA or clen is that, I have Nolva (lots of it)… I don’t plan on running a ‘real’ cycle soon. I thought I could use some of it for the next 2 weeks to tighten up a bit. I was just seeing if anybody here had done the same.