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PCT Needed If Libido is Ok?


I just fininshed a 7 weeker 2 weeks ago,( test cyp, taperd the adex on the last 2 weeks ) Im about to begin the dark realm of Clomid for 3 weeks this Monday. My Sex drive and libido are back to normal, do I need the PCT ??



Just because you feel back to normal doesn't mean that you actually are back to normal. You may feel fine now, but I would bet dollars to donuts that you are not going to be feeling nearly as good in a couple more weeks.

If you don't like clomid (and many seem to have depression issues while using it), why not use nolvadex instead?

You'd be well advised to do something to return your body to homeostasis.


How much cyp were you running per week. After two weeks it is possible that there is a still an amount of T in your system to positively impact your libido. You are still shutdown though.


w 1-7 875 test cyp
w 1-4 350 deca
W 1-4 adex 0.5 EOD
W 5-7 adex 0.5 ED
W 8 adex 0.5 ED
W 9 adex 0.5 E3D
w 1-7 HCG 250 ui EOD

This friday I end W9 planning on no adex and mon I should beging with clomid 40 mg for the first week and then taper down.on the next 3 weeks

Im on HGH now (6 months on 6 off )



Why on earth would you do 4 weeks of any steroid with a decanoate ester?

7 weeks of cyp without a frontload sounds rather less than optimal as well.

My advice in my above post stands.


When using a drug for 4 weeks (AAS) it is best to frontload - If you are looking for physique gains at least. Otherwise the results are so mild and delayed it isn't worth the suppression.
If performance is all you care about, and shaving off a few seconds from a sprint etc.. then it is not as bad to use as you did.
7 weeks of Cyp esters is enough for good gains.. even without a frontload IME.

You used less arimidex during the period you were using Test and Deca, than when you used just Test! LMAO!

My next recommendation would be for you to stop giving advice on this board.. it has to be fair to wait until you can plan your own cycles effectively before you try to assist anyone else..

Anyway, to the bones of the question.... your libido is good and high. You finished the Deca 5 weeks ago (good sign) and the Cyp 2 weeks ago.

I would preferably use Tamoxifen at just 20mg a day for a week then 10mg a day for 2-3 weeks. This will be enough to give a mild and natural boost to libido/test production, it is possible you are recovered at this point, but possible you are still seeing effects from the test.

It is difficult to know without bloods - however i do have experience of cycles similar to this, and i have experienced a delayed 'suppression' (similar to what Cortes mentioned) which IME was more likely a reaction to elevated prolactin following Nandrolone usage coupled with Natural Test and Estrogen levels rising to healthy levels.

If you find that you do suffer a severe drop in libido when you feel you should be recovered, it is more than likely prolactin - and IME comes after recovery begins, rather than being from suppression. This is just a theory and bay be absolute bollocks of course.

So to summarise - take the SERM (if clomid is your choice, dont venture above 50mg/day) at a low dose if you feel fine, just to 'solidify' or 'secure' that hormone production.
If you find you do suffer what feels like a delayed suppression, look to the Dopamine Agonists.
If you are fine, learn from it and plan the next cycle better.



Thanks JJ,

As usual great advice!!! Initial stats 6'4, 251 Lbs 15% BF, Today 250 lbs 11% BF !!

Lessons learned:
1- I frontloaded the cycle mentioned earlier, just as you recommended JJ excellent results from the W1.
2- Deca was dropped due to: decadick (odd with the amount of test I was running) and water retention (same side I got last time, no more Deca for me).
3- Upped the Ai to reduce water retention, dropped 6 lbs of water in a week!
4- Anabolic diet works wonders, I was at aprox 1700 cal day. Follow it and get adjusted after a couple of days you automatically will reject the carbs, sugars (actually they gave the worst bloat on the cheat meal).
5- During this cycle, my libido dropped heavily on week 6 ?? I started taking 2000 mg of vitamin B6 a day and this helped me (had no Caber, could have been a prolatin issue) ,by week 8 libido was up again.
6- HGH works wonders not only in muscles and recovery but overall, hair, skin, mood, ill run this forever !

Day 1 of PCT Clomid 50 mg ..


Deca dick has little to do with DHT as many believe and is (likely) due to the increase in prolactin.

Glad to hear went well.. :wink: