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PCT Needed if Adding Anavar to TRT?

Hi All, I’m going to add Anavar onto my TRT to help with fat loss. Probably will go for 10 weeks with the Anavar. TRT will remain long term, and with that in mind, do I need any kind of PCT coming off the Anavar while Test remains at TRT levels?

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No. Just keep running your TRT and cycle in the Anavar. Prob best to keep it to 6 weeks. Var is a lipid killer.

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Dose dependent lipid killer (according to literature) if he runs 10 wks and keeps the dose below say 15-20mg/day he should theoretically not trash his lipids TOO hard (unlike stanozolol)

However if running say 30mg+/day then yea, absolute lipid DESTRUCTION unless you have amazing genetics