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PCT Needed for Winny?

Do you need pct for winny


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Why wouldn’t you?

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Because it doesn’t aromatize so I was just curious

Plz explain to me why you wouldn’t need pct for something that doesn’t aromoatize.?


It’s still supressive…you don’t PCT becasue of aromatization…you PCT to restart your own natural production.

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Because his trainer said so… hehe how many times have we heard that lately?

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I should go into business as a steroid advisor. You pay me to tell you basically the opposite of what your trainer told you. I’d make a fortune.


Please clue me in What is PCT. New at this so thanks

Post cycle therapy… If u shut down yur test by taking artificial test u gotta kick start yur nuts to make test… But dont do winny anyhow its trash…just running winny by itself will not do much except shut down yur balls, punch yur liver, & make u feel like ass. If yur asking stuff like whats pct yur gonna be the kinda guy that runs gear gets bitch tits & breaks his shvatz. Utilize google & youtube for 3 weeks then decide what u wanna do

Just curious, trainers don’t advise kids on this stuff do they?

I’d understand if they were dispensing advice on harm minimisation, but dispensing outright cycle advice without a legitimate base of knowledge seems irresponsible to me, esp if it’s to kids

Are these dudes aware what they’re saying is wrong, do they just not care? Unless the trainers are also the dealers… But even then, not all dealers are careless dickheads.

Idk I’ve been seeing all this shit “my trainer told me to do this and that” and I wonder if that’s where some of the kids I know get their terrible routines from like “running sarms and GH year round”.

Many of the gyms around me are notorious for this. Ok, not many, but I can think of two specifically that they practically feed the gym members AAS. The trainers double as dealers.

Does the feeding come with the membership?

Asking for a friend

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Yes you need PCT for Winny

I literally just came off a 6 week oral winny only cycle 2 days ago. Quick back ground, im 39, lifiting for 6 years, 5 days a week, diet is on point. Literally eat the same crap day in day out for years of a clean diet. Im 5’7 163lb, 9%ish BF. Current lifts B275/S265x2/D365 - ok, small talk done. Decided to take the plunge and try something new. I didnt want to jump right in on some strong stuff, and was nervous how my body would react. Since i already had been slow dieting for 8 weeks into my cut phase, i decided to just finish it off with winny only.cycle after EXTENSIVE research since i was new to this.

6 weeks Winny
w1-2 - 40mg
w3-4 - 50mg
w5-6 - 60mg

out of precautionary how i would react, i slowly built up. if i did it again, i would do 60mg full cycle.

PCT - clomid
w1 - 50mg
w2-3 25mg

Liver support
Milk Thistle

I did drink while on winny, daily 4oz vodka.
hopeflly all the liver support covered me.
I had zero side effects.
i cut from 165 - 163 over the 6 weeks which might not seem good, however i made muscle and strength gains. I am deffinitely bigger, leaner and stronger 6 weeks later off winny only.
Would i do this again, deffinitely. But hey thats just me. Might have been 1st timer newbie gains from winny, but gains is gains so ill take it =)

side note, this is definitely a gate way. Ordered Test prop and will run 100mg eod starting 8/1/19 - maybe finish with winny, since they play so well together.