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PCT & Natural Test Boosters

Hey, quick question. If using a standard nolva PCT, i.e. 40/20/20/20 weekly, when should you a natural test booster like Alpha Male or TRIBEX be initiated? The reason I ask is because I found some Alpha Male I thought I’d used a long time ago and I’m thinking it can’t hurt to add in. I’m sure it’s only a slight increase, but every little bit counts. Thanks in advance.

Are you using test enanthate? If you’re starting your nolva protocol two weeks after your last injection, I would run the natural boosters along side the nolva, and continue another month or so after the nolva. You can gauge by your teste recovery, libido, etc, to figure how long you need to use the natural boosters.

Any reason why no stasis/taper?

Because where I’m at the only test is sust 250, so I’m waiting 2.5 weeks after last injection to start PCT. Now I know some will say but wait it takes 3 weeks to get out of your system. Well I’ve also heard from quite a few people that they had good results in 2 weeks, so I’m splitting the difference.

Thanks for the avice, I’ll definitely do that. I had some good gains off of Sust, and only a very minor gyno issue in week 7 that cleared up after one day of nolva. Having said that, I really don’t like the fact that sust makes it nearly impossible to do a stasis/taper.